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Form D.2 Report on ECPS committee meeting 6/26/2011

Form D.2 Annual Meeting Report, 06/26/2011

 Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee

 Priority Group 1, Advocacy

Priority Group Consultant: Michael Santangelo

Committee Chair: Kathleen Moore


Committee members: Bryan McCormick, Denise Vallandingham, Kathy Jarombek and Kathleen Moore, Jennifer Nemek, Sarah Hinkle, Saroj Ghotig,  

Guests: Amanda Goldson, Linda Mayes (saff), Michael Santangelo

Members Absent: Zachary Lee Stier



After introductions were made, Kathy Jarombek described the program proposal she submitted for the ALA conference in Anaheim, 2012. “I WANT A TRUCK BOOK!” – Reorganizing Your Picture Book Collection to Meet the Needs of Young Patrons and Their Caregivers.  She is still interested in getting someone from a bookstore to join the panel but has been unable to find someone.  Committee members raised the issue of how cataloging is handled with this type of reorganization in larger libraries.  Thus far the speakers are from small library systems.  Kathy plans to look for another panelist who works in a large library system to find out how they managed the cataloging involved in reorganizing a picture book collection.


Jenna Nemec updated the committee on her progress with the CAL article on Born to Read and her need for the committee to clarify the difference between BTR and Every Children Ready to Read.  ECR2R includes child development and teaching strategies for caregivers to use with children from birth to kindergarten age.   BTR could be distinguished by offering  more extensive information about infants and toddlers, on such topics as brain development. Thus far, the content the committee has developed for the website is aimed at librarians for their use in their work with parents and infants and toddlers. Saroj is well on her way to developing content for a script that librarians can use in their parent education.  Some members of the committee felt that there was no conflict and little overlap with ECR2R.  Others felt that the boundary remained fuzzy when the content concerned infants and toddlers.  After lots of discussion and the joining of Linda Mays to the discussion, the committee decided to limit the focus of the BTR website to expectant parents (and new parents?).  Content that we have developed (or plan to develop) that is for librarians in their work with parents and their infants and toddlers will be offered on a different webpage. Linda will discuss this limited focus with Amiee and get her approval.


Kathleen passed the metaphorical gavel on to Kathy Jarombek.


1. Annual Conference presentation on arranging juvenile books:

Kathy Jarombek will continue to look for a bookstore representative for the panel, as well as someone to address cataloging.

2. CAL article:  Jenna will finish the article for December publication with one goal being to direct readers to the new BTR website.

3. Website: 

  • Stephanie will finish a component on collaborating with other community agencies.
  • Denise will develop a component on funding
  • Stephanie will finish a component on collaborating with other community agencies and services
  • Kathy J will add some sample storytime programs
  • As members finish their components, they will send them to Bryan to be formatted for the current design

Although no timelines were discussed, the web content must be up in time for the CAL article.