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Goals, 2011-2012

Tags: Goals

1)       Maintain awareness of committee activities throughout the year; proactively address any issues.

a.        Members-at-Large will check their committees' spaces in July, October, January, and April to make sure they're progressing with their work.

b.       Executive will meet jointly with O&P in Aug, Oct/Nov, Jan, and Apr/May to discuss committees progress and suggest any actions needed to address problems.

10/10/11 Update: Exec/O&P met in August and will meet in October. We reviewed all committees at Aug meeting and are doing so at Oct meeting. We are contacting committees where we do not see any activity or receive updates.

4/5/12 Update: Exec/O&P met in August, October, and January, with an April meeting scheduled. Members-at-Large and RSS Chair have consistently checked in w/committees throughout year, and have seen work progressed.


2)       Give input to O&P to help improve, repurpose, or eliminate committees that were identified as having problems during the most recent Section Review and/or during the spring 2011 committee appointments process. 

10/10/11 Update: During August meeting, agreed that Services to Adults and User Ed committees could be disbanded; agreed that new committees could be developed, such as a joint YA committee, a health/legal reference committee, and a frontline reference communication or instruction committee.

4/5/12 Update: Four new committees have been created for 2012-2013: Career and Job Reference; Communication and Teaching at the Point-of-Need; Health and Medical Reference; YARS. Three committees have been disbanded: Cooperative Reference (in 2012-2013); Services to Adults; User Education & Information Literacy

3)       Work with O&P to continue to build relationships with MARS and other sections of RUSA as appropriate.

10/10/11: No update

4/5/12: We are holding a 2013 Midwinter Workshop with MARS, BRASS may be co-owning the Job and Career Reference Committee; and Joe Thompson has been in close contact with other sections regarding off-site workshops

4)       Increase virtual participation opportunities by working with other groups such as RSS O&P, RSS Education and Professional Development Committee, RUSA Professional Development Committee, RUSA Board, and the RUSA office.

10/10/11: Liane is heading RUSA Web Conferencing TF, Joe is a member. The group talked about holding discussion groups, but need to fix RUSA web conferencing situation first. Will re-start on this goal in January.

4/5/12: We are continuing to move forward with Blackboard Collaborate implementation. Liane is heading the scheduling procedures effort and will be doing training for section chairs in case folks want to use Collaborate for Annual 2012.

5)      Monitor program planning throughout the year in order to ensure success; review all proposals and choose two programs for Annual 2013 by May 1, 2012.

10/10/11: No update

4/5/12: Two program proposals have been submitted. Executive is finalizing vote.