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Goals for RSS O&P, 2011 - 2012

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RSS Organization and Planning (O&P) Goals for 2011 - 2012

1.      Meet jointly with RSS Executive Committee in Aug, Oct/Nov, Jan, and Apr/May to review progress toward meeting goals and suggest any actions needed to address problems.

2.      Work with committee chairs to improve, repurpose, or eliminate committees that were identified as having problems during the most recent Section Review and/or during the spring 2011 committee appointments process.  Create new committees where appropriate.  Solicit input from the RSS Executive Committee through this process.

3.      Review the recommendations provided during the July 2011 RSS Executive Committee II meeting.  Prioritize the recommendations and coordinate with RSS Executive Committee to implement appropriate changes.

4.      Work with RSS Executive Committee to build and sustain relationships with MARS and other sections of RUSA as appropriate.  [Note: This includes the planning for the joint RSS/MARS series of Midwinter Workshops, with the first to take place in January 2013 in Seattle.  Responsibility for planning the content of these workshops is expected to be assigned to a joint subcommittee of the Education and Professional Development Committee of both sections]

5.      Review and Revise the RSS Handbook.

a.      Create a Program Planning Checklist. Include in next revision of RSS Handbook.

b.      Review the established communication channels used in RSS.  Define the appropriate use of each and recommend addition of new channels or removal of existing channels.  Include in next revision of RSS Handbook recommendations for use of each channel.

6.      Assess the section's success in meeting the needs of its members through a survey and other evaluative means.

7.      The O&P Chair will provide a report four times a year for RSS Review.




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1. O&P met via online via Wimba with ExComm on August 11th and is scheduled to meet again with ExComm on Oct. 27 12-1:30 p.m. ET.

2. Young Adult Reference Services:  Information on creating an interest group or discussion groups with YALSA has been obtained.  15 signatures of active YALSA members interested in participating would be needed.  RSS will need to decide if we'd call it a "committee" on our side (since we have the structure in place to do that) or create a new special designation (since we don't have standing discussion groups or interest groups).  No change regarding other existing RSS committees.

3. No change.

4. No change regarding the planning for the RSS/MARS Midwinter 2013 workshop. Members of RSS O&P & ExComm are serving on RUSA Committees and bringing info from those groups back to RSS, including the RUSA Structure Task Force and RUSA Web Conferencing Task Force.

5. No change.  Joe recommends that the handbook revision be undertaken in the winter/spring of 2012 as a prelude to the revision of the RSS Chair's Orientation of June 2012.

6. No change.

7. Joe provided the first of four O&P reports to RSS Review.


Joseph Thompson's picture

1. O&P continued to meet online at the same time with RSS Exec. throughout the remainder of the year. Additionally O&P and smaller working groups met throughout the year to accomplish specific tasks (examples: to communicate with BRASS about possibly forming the Job & Career Reference Committee as a joint committee; to plan the RSS Open House at Annual 2012). This arrangement worked well and resolved the problem of a few people being out-of-the-loop on decision making.

2. Three topical committees were retired this year: Services to Adults, User Education and Information Literacy, Cooperative Reference Services. Four new topical committees were established this year: Communication and Teaching at the Point of Need, Health and Medical Reference, Job and Career Reference, & Young Adult Reference Services. RSS Executive Committee was directly involved in every decision.

3. O&P informally addressed many of the areas noted for improvement in the July 2011 plus/delta throughout the year. This includes Liane Taylor's initiation of the creation of a RUSA level task force to address the need for a web conferencing system that would be available to all of the RUSA sections for online meetings, programming, and discussions. Blackboard Collaborate is now in place to meet this need. When O&P met in Anaheim at Annual 2012 it began to review each item in the Communications area. This process will continue into the coming year.

4. The relationship between the MARS and RSS sections is healthy and productive. The Executive Committees met jointly online following Midwinter 2012 and face-to-face on the Monday of ALA Annual 2012 in Anaheim. Planning by the joint subcommittee that is organizing the Midwinter 2013 workshop in Seattle continues. This coordination has created an environment where minimal duplication of effort occurs.

5. The annual revision of the RSS Handbook took place over May and June of 2012. The Handbook now includes a program checklist for committees to use as they plan and carry-out a RUSA conference program. A formal review of RSS's communication channels has not yet occurred. However, starting with the 2012-2013 year, RSS intends to request the email addresses of all RSS members from the RUSA office at least twice a year so that email communication can be shared with all members. This communication will ensure that every member is aware of rss-l, the RSS Facebook page, the RSS workspaces on ALA Connect, and other relevant sources of information related to the section.

6. Beyond the plus/delta activity that took place during the July 2011 online meeting of RSS Exec/Board and the discussion about current issues facing the profession at RSS Exec/Board 2012 in Anaheim, a formal survey of members was not initiated this year.

7. The O&P chair provided a report for each of the four issues of RSS Review.