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Presentation Materials for Designing a Specialty Commons & Program Evaluations

This panel featured a discussion on space, furniture, equipment considerations in various specialty commons in three academic libraries in Michigan, North Carolina, and California. Examples of specialty commons include a library data lab, a learning commons, a digital media lab, a technology sandbox, and spatial and numeric data center. What was the impetus for creating them? What design criteria/adjacencies/services should be considered when planning such a space? What makes these spaces successful? How can proper planning support/enhance the role of the library and librarians? A furniture vendor will discuss furniture trends in research commons spaces.

Speakers included:

  1. Tania Bardyn – Welcome, Program Introduction, LLAMA sponsorship, Time Limit per speaker (4:00-4:10 minutes)
  2. Charles Forrest – Information, Learning, Research: Evolution of the Library Commons (4:10-4:20 10 minutes)
  3. David Woodbury – The Technology Sandbox: a Test Bed and Showcase of New Technologies and Spaces (4:20-4:30 10
  4. Jesse Silva – Designing and Using a Data Lab: UC Berkeley’s Experience (4:30-4:40 10 minutes)
  5. Gary Strong - A Laboratory for Digital Cultural Heritage within the Research Commons at UCLA (4:40-4:50 10
  6. Jennifer Green – Planning for Innovation at UM Library (4:50-5:00 10 minutes)
  7. Joe Agati – Furniture Trends in Academic Library Research Commons  (5:00-5:10 10 minutes)
  8. Liz Bagley – Questions & Evaluation & Thank you (5:10 – 5:30)

LLAMA BES (Building and Equipment Section)