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Summary of Current Activities

  1. Tiffany Walsh and Jan Tidwell updated "Measuring and Assessing Reference Services and Resources: A Guide" on our Connect space.
  2. ERUS held a successful program "Using Today's Numbers to Plan Tomorrow's Services: Effective User Assessment" at ALA's Annual Meeting in 2011. We scheduled a room for 75 attendees and ended up with 120. Announcements were sent to RUSA-L, RSS-L, and ARL-ASSESS of the site with slides from two presenters (384 views of this page as of 7/12/11).
  3. We are determining committee members for 2011-2012.

Current activities after Midwinter virtual meeting, 2012

  1. Committee met virtually for Midwinter and agreed to publicize via listserves the Measuring and Assessing Reference Services and Resources Guide. Ellen is getting language together for those e-mails.
  2. Committee agreed it wanted to host a discussion forum at Annual 2012, The How, What, and Why of Reference Evaluation and Assessment. Kate Silton has informed Ellen it will be scheduled for our first choice of dates and times, Saturday, June 24 from 4-5:30.

Current activities after Annual 2012

  1. Committee hosted a well-attended (room for 50, sat 50) discussion forum, The How, What, and Why of Reference Evaluation and Assessment.
  2. Per RSS Board meetings (one at Annual, one held virtually post-Annual) on issues RSS can tackle, divided by committee, we agreed that ERUS would take on the evaluation of the triage model of reference and the definition of reference (terminology).