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LPSS Communication and Publications committee -- 2011 ALA Annual Meeting Minutes

American Library Association
Association of College and Research Libraries
Law and Political Science Section
Communication and Publications Committee
Annual Conference – Meeting
June 25, 2011 | 9 – 9:45 AM (CST) | Marriott at Convention Center, Julia Room



Attendees:  Chad Kahl (chair), Kathi Fountain, Jodi Shepherd, Lynn Thitchener

Guest:  Chris Palazzolo



I.                    Reviewed and finalized minutes from 2011 Midwinter Meeting


II.                  Discussed change to LPSS Facebook


a.       Kahl will take care of the transition to the new Facebook group format.

b.      Kahl will contact current Facebook site Administrators to see if they want to be relieved of their duty.


III.                LPSS Listserv Archive

a.       Kahl will get the “How to access the LPSS listserv” directions language to Thitchener.  Thitchener will contact Robinson to get the LPSS Listserv Archive process started.  He will also contact Fountain, LPSS webmaster, so she is in the loop.


IV.                Webmaster

                                                               i.      LPSS will split work into two jobs:  Webmaster and Online media person.  Kahl will send out a call for volunteers for an online media person after confirming the position description with Fountain.


V.                  Political Science Research Competency Guidelines – Decided to focus on wiki, rather than creating a LibGuide.


VI.                Discuss Model Guides

a.       Discussed future steps, especially the focus of such an effort.  Would it be primarily for librarians, students or faculty?  Attention will be on LibGuides.  Thitchener will check on cost of LPSS getting LibGuides as section.

VII.              Webmaster update

a.       Fountain provided an update on the transition from the current ALA content management system, Collage, to the new content management system, Drupal.

VIII.            Newsletter update

a.       Shepherd asked for feedback on the newsletter and said she had not received much feedback after the second issue, compared to after the first issue.


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