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ALA Annual Holdings Update Forum, Universal and repurposed holdings information -- Emerging initiatives and projects, Time: Saturday, June 25, 2011 4:00-5:30 pm Location: MCC (Morial Convention Center) – Room 355

Universal and repurposed holdings information -- Emerging initiatives and projects

What volumes or issues of a journal have been published?  Are they indexed with abstract?  Who holds that journal, and what volumes or issues are held? Has anyone preserved it? Publishers, A & I services, libraries, and researchers often find their work interrupted—perhaps even stopped—by the lack of holdings information around a title. Whether the question concerns retrospective print content, born digital, or digitized content, the answer to these questions is not easily found. The forum will explore the current demand for universal publication history as well as new initiatives seeking to collect holdings information and preservation details.


1.     Universal journal  issue database & Ulrich Web edition

  • David Lawrence (Editor, SafetyLit database) [presentation delivered by Julie Su, Committee Chair]
  • Yvette Diven (SerialsSolutions) 

2.      PEPRS

  • Peter Burnhill (EDINA, University of Edinburgh, UK) [presented on his behalf by Regina Reynolds (ISSN Network & Library of Congress)]

3.      OCLC Print Archives Metadata Standard and CRL Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR)

  • Lizanne Payne