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EBSS Membership and Orientation: Meeting Minutes, ALA Annual 2011

Date: 25 June 2011, 9:00-11:00am

Place: New Orleans, Marriott, Mardi Gras Room D

Committee Name: EBSS Membership and Orientation

Scott Collard

Minute taker: Kirsten Kinsley/Scott Collard

Members Present:
Ann E. Brownson, Kirsten M. Kinsley, Nancy P. O'Brien, Ericka Arvidson Raber, Scott Collard, Cheryl E Goldenstein, Linda Hofschire, Tobeylynn Birch

Members Excused:
Dorothy Persson

Virtual Member: Deborah L. Schaeffer



  1. Welcome and Introductions (5 mins)
    a. Incoming member Kirsten Kinsley agreed to take minutes:

  2. Updates and housekeeping: (10 mins)
    1. The Social:
      1. Though there was some miscommunication with scheduling in restaurant, it was good to have the joint social with ANSS. It was tough finding a venue that would take 50 people for free. Socials seem to be most successful when we can have a separate room, some room to spread out brochures and mingle, and when we have sponsorship (eg for 40th Anniversary @ Anaheim).
      2. Let's find a sponsor.  Sage was suggested, or other social sciences heavy folks. Scott will bring it up with Executive. It’s fine to go it alone at ACRL because hotels let us do it, but at annual there is a lot of competition and therefore costs.
      3. Condensed Conference schedule is making it difficult to find just the right time. We might consider starting it at 7pm to let people do exhibits. Saturday seems bad because of “EBSS fatigue.”  M+O will take it up with executive and consider teaming up with other social sciences groups might work in the future if that might mean better chances at sponsorships (eg ANSS, WESS, LPSS etc).
  3.  Membership updates (15 mins)
    1. Numbers
      1. We are one of the larger sections, and because the formula changed, we get more money now.
    2. Letters
      1. Letters are going out routinely.
    3. Surveys
      1. Why did they leave?
        1. General EBSS Survey Results for those leaving the section: Financial concerns, job responsibility changing. Comments about the money issue. Lots of retirements.
      2. Why did they join?
        1. General EBSS Survey Results for those who are new members: Examples of some of the items that got higher response rates: “. . .Good fit for the job or duties I do”, “Subject Areas in EBSS align with my own,” “Networking opportunities with librarians in the same areas,” “Awareness of programs aimed at librarians in EBSS areas,” “Professional development experience and /or CV building,” and “Opportunities to get involved in committees and working groups.”
      3. It was noted that the survey results should guide our outreach efforts. (see below, “outreach ideas” section)
  4. Outreach updates and discussion (20 mins)
    1. Colleague to colleague program
      1. Four of five people tend to be new. Matching tended to be based on subject specific areas. Call for volunteers is difficult. In one case, Scott personally contacted another professional to set up a match. Job change or tenure position and scholarly requirements are concerns. What is the relationship of this to other mentorships?
      2. Compose a list of suggestions/guidelines for participation for the more experienced colleague. Scott will draft and send around.
    2. NMRT/ACRL 101
      1. We had membership at both meetings, though the NMRT structure changed (really shifting sands from conference to conference for these 101 feeder programs).
    3. Other Outreach notes
      1. Perpetual issue here: what about library school students? Example 62 student members-- up 16%-- went to ACRL? 
      2. It was noted that membership depends on where one gets a job -- even when person has specific subject area (e.g. anthropology meeting) .
      3. We need to continue to think through how to support new members. We want to be able to help you find the right person, but also support serendipitous exchange.
      4. New members getting involved for tenure track sort of things, so we should be sure to mention that that is something that EBSS can help with on the survey, welcome letter and the website. We will add something to professional development related to specifically to tenure in these places.
      5. The research forum or social could have time set aside to allow for serendipitous meeting around projects. Scott will talk to the research committee about it.
  5. Brainstorming for other outreach ideas (15 mins)
    1. Make our EBSS website more focused on new recruitment. Right now it is very dry. New recruits mention a need especially for those moving into new subjects areas, jobs and roles.
    2. SEO – search engine optimization – why does EBSS site not come up when you search “education librarians”? We should fix that!
    3. Investigate what our site does on mobile platforms.
    4. Scott will bring up this project with EBSS executive committee. Potential project for midwinter.
  6. Brochure revisions.
    1. We continued work on the Brochure. Ericka Raber will make changes and then share them with us via a google doc. Special thanks should go to Ericka for all the work she’s done on getting the brochure in order.
  7. Other business and meeting review (5 mins)
    1. Virtual meeting at Midwinter?
      1.  Yes, please!


Time adjourned: 11:00am

Summary and Action Items:

  1. Investigate optimizing web presence for new members and/or “shoppers” (Full committee, before midwinter meeting).
  2. Adjust welcome letters and new member survey to highlight tenure help as a reason for joining. (Scott)
  3. Check with Executive committee about options for socials, including joint socials, getting sponsorship, or paying for accommodations. (Scott)
  4. Consult with Research Committee about using the Research Forum venue to support research serendipity among members. (Scott)
  5. Finish brochure. (Ericka, ALL)
  6. Draft list of suggestions and guidelines for colleague to colleague program and circulate for comments in committee. (Scott)

 Minutes submitted as approved, July 8, 2011