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Minutes Landing Page

Tags: Minutes | 2013
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MARS/RSS Virtual Reference Services Committee Meeting
ALA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC
Saturday, 8:00-10:00 a.m.
Washington Convention Center

Present: Henry Bankhead, Don Boozer, Jason Coleman, Ellen Filgo, Amy Gustavson, Jared Hoppenfeld, Valli Hoski, Qiana Johnson, Alicia Korenman, Megan Lewis, Clare Miller, Julie Piacentine, Andrew Portner, Amanda Clay Powers, Joelle Thomas, and Cynthia Thomes,

  1. Introductions
  2. Approved agenda with additions
  3. Approved Midwinter minutes
  4. Don Boozer discussed the approval process of the guidelines. The Guidelines for Implementing and Maintaining a Virtual Reference Service have now been approved by RUSA.
  5. Tutorial subgroup has put together a prioritized list of things that need to be done on the tutorial. It was noted that no committee member can make edits to the tutorial. An ALA staff member has to do it. The first step is to update all the links. The members of the subgroup will send the list to Valli.
  6. Discussion of the Index subcommittee. The subcommittee has been officially disbanded.
  7. The five things initiative. All of the RUSA committees were encouraged to create a web site about five things new librarians would need to know about that particular aspect of reference or the committee. The group continued the brainstorming from Midwinter about items that could be included for the Virtual Reference Services Committee. One suggestion was to talk about the various formats that virtual reference can be done in. Another suggestion was to link to places that are doing virtual reference well. Another possibility was to include Marie Radford's list of articles about virtual reference. (http://vrbib.rutgers.edu ) Someone suggested the phrase, "There's a committee for that." Someone suggested mentioning that everything you learned about reference applies here—continuing with the it's real reference theme. The list could also talk about how virtual reference is everywhere—academic, public, school, corporate.
  8. Discussion of last minute program details. The program is in a different time slot than normal. So if we can work at getting the word out that will be great. Amanda will be tweeting.
  9. Virtual Reference discussion group will be Saturday at 4:30. The speaker will be Virginia Cole talking about her SMS reference service
  10. The next meeting will be at Midwinter during the MARS all-committee meeting.
  11. It may be useful to try and propose a topic for next year. It was noted that it can be hard to plan two years out. One idea is enhancing your virtual reference services with visual tools. Another suggestion was service to distance education/distance patrons. Another suggestion was how virtual reference is thriving, or is bringing our services to a wider audience. Another suggestion was "Beyond the Text: Building Communities through Virtual Reference". If we do a program next year, what may be best, is if we focus on the "touchy feely" stuff. A suggestion was that the committee may want to look at Texas AMU which has an online high school to see if they are doing virtual reference. Another suggestion was to get a researcher from U Rochester to talk about how people want to be communicated with. Other potential speakers are Megan Oakleaf from Syracuse and Amy VanScoy at North Caroline State on instructional strategies in virtual reference.
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RUSA MARS/RSS Virtual Reference Services Committee

Official Winter Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2010

Moderators:  Don Boozer, Alicia Koremann, and Ellen Hampton Filgo

In attendance:  Don Boozer, Alicia Koremann, Ellen Hampton Filgo, Alisa Gonzalez, Amanda Clay Powers, Kris Johnson (visitor), Jason Coleman, Jared Hoppenfeld,  Cynthia Thomes,  Valli Hoski

Minutes taken by Alisa Gonzalez

1.        Introductions

2.       Approval of the agenda

3.       The committee approved the notes from Annual 2010’s meeting minutes from Washington, DC.  Small typos were to be fixed and minutes were approved with minor revisions.

4.       An update was given on the progress of the Virtual Reference Tutorial Subcommittee.  Members of the subcommittee have been meeting regularly.    The subcommittee has been focusing on evaluation and assessment of the online tutorial.  The subcommittee will be making recommendations on improvement and updating the online tutorial.  Ultimately, the committee will focus on content updates and possibly changing the delivery method.   Jason will present the executive summary of the results at ALA Midwinter. 

5.       A discussion of the Annual 2011 program ensued.  There is a RUSA VR wiki page concerning the planning of the program.   The committee has two confirmed panelists and a moderator.  A discussion ensued concerning the third panelist.   The committee felt that having a panelist with a strictly public library perspective would be a compliment to the consortia and academic library perspective of the two panelists.  If the suggested panelist cannot participate in the VR committee program, we will ask them for suggestions to seek a public library view.  A suggestion was made to include a LIS instructor for myths that LIS students have about VR service.  The topic was discussed and the committee felt that perhaps it was best to consider for the 2012 Annual program.

6.       The committee will work on solidifying the “misconceptions” that will be discussed at the Annual 2011 presentation.    The committee will flesh out the misconceptions already proposed. The committee will then submit all of the misconceptions to the moderator and the panelists for further comment and to elicit more “misconceptions” that the panelists may feel are important to discuss in the program.

7.       The committee discussed the 2012 Annual program with the tentative subject of Virtual Reference assessment.  The committee will make suggestions on the program and Alicia and Don will submit a proposal.

8.       Reminder was given concerning the 2011 Midwinter Discussion Group.   A quick overview of the discussion group was given. 

9.       A discussion of the “5 Things” initiative.  The committee is going to discuss through the listserv our committee’s submissions. 

10.   Reminder of informal meeting at MARS All-Committee meeting at Midwinter.

11.   Meeting was adjourned.