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2011 Annual Meeting ALSC Board of Directors Meeting Follow-Up

I attended the Tuesday afternoon ALSC Board of Directors meeting on June 28, 2011. I read our motion to change the O&B committee membership statement to reflect the current practice of having co-chairs and to include the best practice of alternating appointment years of these chairs as well as to reflect that some of us are inexperienced and some are experienced. This motion was voted on and approved. Tali Balas commended us for this motion as she is a former co-chair of O&B. We thank Julie Dietzel-Glair for encouraging us to write this up and for helping us with it. Thanks, too, to Marsha Burgess, for helping us with the printing and distribution of our motion.

After approving the motion, the Board asked our committee to look at other committees that may be operating in a way that is not reflected in the bylaws. We need to discuss how to proceed with this request. It may be done best by contacting Priority Group Consultants to ask about chairs of various committees or we may be able to gain this information through ALAConnect. I would like input from committee members.

While at the ALSC Board of Directors meeting, I learned that the 2013 Nominating Committee for the ALSC Board of Directors will include a "New to ALSC" director in its slate. That Nominating Committee has been charged to rewrite Bylaws Article X Secton 2 to codify the intent of the change. Thom Barthelmess will be chair of this committee.

I also learned that the "Great Web Sites Committee" name change to "Great Websites Committee" has been approved as the commttee had requested. We had a Form K for this at the 2011 Midwinter meeting.

Aimee Strittmatter emailed me after the meeting to tell us that the ALA Committee on Organization submitted their report.  The report indicated that our request to change the language of our field of responsibility from “preschool” to “birth” did not require COO action, but was being presented as information only.  Since ALSC followed our bylaws and had the membership vote and approve this change, the committee felt action was unnecessary. Aimee will confirm with Lois-Ann Gregory Wood, Council Secretariat, that this occurred and discussion or other action was not taken up during Council.  Once confirmed, the office will go ahead an update our Handbook of Organization, website, and any other documents that may contain our field of responsibility.

The immediate work that we need to assume is to divide the "Frontier Five" among ourselves and have virtual discussions with the chair(s) and PGCs in preparation for writing Form Ks at Midwinter to change these committees to virtual committees. The committees are:

- Children and Technology

- Quicklists - Susan Polos

- Great Websites

- Scholarships: Melcher and BTSBB

- Grants Administration

I would like to communicate with the Quicklists Committee since I am/have been a committee member of that committee. Does anyone else have a connection or preference?

Let's start a discussion either by email (I will send a group email) or using this forum.

Thanks to all - You are a great group!

Susan Polos