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ALCTS Publications Committee Liaison & Member-At-Large Responsibilities

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This document outlines the responsibilities of the ALCTS Publications Committee Section Liaisons and Members-at-Large.


Appointment of Committee Members:

Appointment to the ALCTS Publishing Committee is done by the ALCTS Executive. Members rotate on/off after the Annual Conference in June; appointments are generally for 2 years.


Listserv & ALA Connect:

Committee business is done throughout the year, usually over the ALCTS Publications Committee listserv (alcts-pub@ala.org) and through the Committee's space on ALA Connect. Access to the listserv and ALA Connect is set by the ALCTS Office; contact the Committee chair if it appears you do not have access to the list and/or ALA Connect by mid-July following your appointment to the Committee.


Meetings at ALA: 

1. ALCTS Publications Committee Meeting (Sunday, 1:30-3:30pm)

Liaisons and Members-at-Large are generally expected to attend the Annual and Midwinter meetings; do contact the Committee Chair if you are unable to attend. (Virtual Members-at-Large are welcome, but not expected, to attend.) 

2. Section Publication & Executive Committee Meetings (Liaisons)

ALCTS Publication Committee members who are Section liaisons may optionally want to consider attending the Section Publication and/or Section Executive Committee meetings at the Annual and Midwinter Conferences, in order to bring themselves up to speed with what is happening in their Section.


Responsibility of Section Liaisons & Relationship of Section Publication Committees to ALCTS Publications:

ALCTS Publications Committee Section Liaisons help keep communication channels open between ALCTS Publications and Section Committees by bringing concerns, suggestions and/or news forward from the Section to ALCTS Publications, and for disseminating news from ALCTS Publications down to the Section. After the Annual conference, Section Liaisons should introduce themselves to their Section Publication Committee and Executive Chairs, and touch base with them throughout the year. Section Liaisons are expected to report on Section activities (as they relate to publications) at the Midwinter and Annual meeting, and as required.

Publications generally originate from the Sections; the Section Publication and Section Executive Committees then work with ALCTS Publications Committee to review and vet proposals and manuscripts.


Reviewing Proposals & Manuscripts:

The ALCTS Publishing Handbook outlines the process for the submission and acceptance of proposals and manuscripts. Generally, the Committee aims for a 2 week turn-around time between the time a proposal/manuscript arrives from the Section Publications Committee to the time ALCTS Publications Committee approves the proposal/manuscript.

The ALCTS Publications Committee chair will ask Committee members to review & comment on proposals and manuscripts. Members-at-Large, Virtual Members and Section liaisons are expected to equally shoulder the responsibility of reviewing and commenting.

Note: The goal of reviewing the manuscript is not to find typos or spelling errors, as that will be done by the publication editors; rather, it is to ensure that the manuscript is readable, well-organized and has delivered what was originally proposed by the authors.