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ALCTS AS PPC Meeting Notes AC 2011

Meeting Notes
ALCTS Acquisitions Section Policy & Planning Committee
ALA Annual Meeting, New Orleans
Saturday 25 June 1:30-3:30 PM, Hilton Riverside Kabacoff Room

Members Present: James J. Dooley, Ann Doyle Fath (Chair), Rebecca L. Kemp, Marcia L. Thomas, Robert J. Van Rennes.
Members Not Present: Laurie L. McHenry, Marlene M. Slough, Caryl M. Ward.
Guests: Stephen Smith.

  1. ALCTS Strategic Planning: Documents distributed in advance.
    a. Nobody present could recall the outcome of the efforts to restructure ALCTS. [Later confirmed that action did take place: The selected approach was incremental. The first implementation under this plan consisted of appoi8nting an Interest Group Coordinator, which happened this spring.]
    b. Perceived problems of program duplication discussed.
    c. Strategic planning tracking mechanism for future use.
  2. Questionnaire Responses Reviews In Process: Research & statistics + Technology Committees
    a. Determined that this review will continue via Connect.
    b. Communicating feedback to each Committee under review will take place this summer.
    c. How can a committee not know the attendance of a program? Discussion involved the existence of a well-organized and useful document for planning programs as provided by ALCTS Program Committee. Nobody present could find any similar document to serve as a leadership manual for ALCTS or AS Section or Committee or Interest Group Chairs. Everyone agreed that an appropriate group should develop something like this.
  3. Committee Review Calendar: Revision submitted to AS Executive Committee
    a. Any ALCTS or Section leadership manual should include a current copy of the Committee Review Calendar.
    b. Reviewed committees ought to post & retain documents on their respective Connect spaces in order to further communication and the transfer of knowledge to future members and chairs.
    c. Should new chairs meet with former/current chairs to transfer information? Should policy change about attendance at AC committee meetings (currently the newly appointed members/chairs are not required or even encouraged to attend)
    d. [AS Executive Committee approved the draft Sunday 26 June 2011.]
  4. ALCTS Conference Calendar changes.
    a. Moved all Executive Committee meetings to directly follow All-Committee meetings for each section.
    b. ALCTS Board meeting moved from Tuesday to Friday.
    c. Question of whether we will ever have the ability to eliminate Midwinter face-to-face meetings as a division. Do ALCTS Sections or Section-level Committees have the autonomy to independently decide to do this?
  5. Stephen Bosch (AS Chair 2011-2012) & Katharine Farrell (AS Chair 2009-2010) check-in.
    a. Communicated issues previously discussed relating to recommending a leadership manual of some sort and the transfer of relevant information from former chairs to future chairs (including personal transfer and retention of documents on Connect).
  6. Kay Granskog (AS Liaison to ALCTS Program Committee, 2009-2011) check-in.
    a. ALCTS looking for a pilot to try a virtual preconference.
    b. Both AS Committees currently under review by this Committee (Research & Statistics and Technology) will have 2012 programs at AC.
  7. [Action taken by AS Executive Committee confirmed 26 June 2011: Approved all four recommendations forwarded by this Committee to continue the reviewed committees with the current charges unchanged.]
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Two attachments:

1. Meeting Notes.

2. Meeting report to ALCTS.