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Annual Conference 2011 Meeting Minutes

PLA Legislative & Advocacy Committee

2011 National Conference, New Orleans

June 26, 2011


Members Present:  Chair Kathleen Reif, Victoria Yarbrough, Michelle Bradley, Cindy Singer, Shelley Walchak.

Incoming Member Present:  Jennifer Haire


Updates by:

  • Marci Merola, ALA Advocacy Office
  • Emily Sheketoff, ALA Washington Office
  • Mary Hirsh, Turning the Page initiative and Public Access Technology Benchmarks
  • Victoria Yarbrough, PLA Mega Issue Discussion
  • COL (Committee on Legislation) and Legislative Assembly meetings


COL liaison assignments will remain the same.  Kathleen Reif has been appointed a member of the COL eGov subcommittee.


Agreed that 2012 midwinter meeting will be during PLA All Committee time.


Victoria Yarbrough has been appointed Chair of the Committee commencing end of Annual.