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Historical Materials Committee 2011 Annual (easier to read)



Please use this template to report brief summaries of committee meetings. Post all summaries to the ALA Connect workspace for your committee or group and send the link to your report to the Section Chair or RUSA Executive Director as appropriate.


TODAY’S DATE: June 29, 2011


COMMITTEE NAME = Historical Materials


SECTION/DIVISION = History Section    


CHAIRPERSON = Jenny Presnell


DATES OF MEETING(S) = June 25, 2011, 4-5:30 pm 


YOUUR EMAIL = presnejl 


MEMBERS PRESENT = Nicholas Wyant, Janalyn Moss, Joel Kitchens, Jacob Sherman, Jack Becker, Christina Thompson, Jenny Presnell


MEMBERS ABSENT = Susan Malbin, Isabelle Flemming, Beth Daniel Lindsay


VISITORS = None   


OBJECTIVES = Revise committee manual for best historical materials, find a new chair


SUMMARY OF MEETING(S): We discussed the timing of the Best Historical Materials publication in RUSA Quarterly and decided to try to change the cycle so that the committee will have one meeting a year at annual and at that meeting can do some in person evaluation of sources. We selected new chairs, Nick Wyant (chair) and Jacob Sherman (vice chair). We worked through the manual, adopting changes to be worked on in the next month or so. Part of the reason we are revising the manual is because in the past it has been geared to print resources and we now include online/digital resources. Discussion included what constitutes an online source/digital source (Libguides, institutional repositories, e-books, utube instructional videos) and how emerging technologies like apps might change our definition. In the end, the committee recognized that the committee members would ultimately have to be the judges.










__Needs improvement, please specify:



RECOMMENDATIONS = This committee would work well virtual, if we had good, reliable technical support and software. Many sources can be examined without being physically together.