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Instruction and Research Services Committee Annual Meeting Highlights 2011

TODAY’S DATE: 6/28/2011


COMMITTEE NAME = Instruction and Research Services Committee




CHAIRPERSON = Sara E. Morris


DATES OF MEETING(S) = 6/25/2011


YOUR EMAIL = semorris@ku.edu


MEMBERS PRESENT = Michelle M. Baildon, Nancy A. Bunker, Jenny L. Presnell, Sara E. Morris, Louis A. Vyhnanek


MEMBERS ABSENT = Angela Bonnell, Gregory Eow, Isabelle Flemming, Joshua M. Lupkin, Janalyn L. Moss, David Charles Murray, Benjamin Lee Stone, Agnes Haigh Widder


VISITORS = Michael Scott


OBJECTIVES = Outline committee’s future; Brainstorm possible 2013 program topics; Revised current draft of Information Literacy Standards for Undergraduate History Students


SUMMARY OF MEETING(S): Despite a low turnout, we had a successful meeting. The first third of our meeting was devoted to updates/discussion concerning the future of the committee.  An ad hoc group of previous members will continue to work on the Information Literacy Standards.  A draft will be presented to RUSA Standards and Guidelines in November. Efforts to collaborate with the AHA are being pursued. We talked about possible topics for the HS program in 2013—most focused on local history topics.  This effort will be continued by the incoming chair, Nancy Bunker. The rest of the meeting was spent on revising the current draft of the standards.




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RECOMMENDATIONS = This meeting was at a terrible time. Not only did it conflict with the RUSA Awards Program, but it was so late in the afternoon that we were tired.  I am wondering if the History Section has ever thought about having an All Committee Meeting?  This might help to solve scheduling problems and make it easier to collaborate/consult with other committees.