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LITA WCC's Links & Structures Team Report, Annual 2011

Ongoing Work

  • repairing broken internal links (there were hundreds)
  • accessing broken external links (there are thousands)
  • fixing page structure problems html tidy cannot repair (there are hundreds):
    • each page must have an h1
    • each page's headings have to be in order, etc.
  • keeping the recent top-level information architecture (IA) but sketching out a new IA from the 2nd level and down
    • this has stopped because we found out a new IA is being developed for the top 2 levels of all division websites

Recent Accomplishments

  • restructured the LITA job site, made all navigation buttons work, made the site's directories mirror the nav buttons, etc.
  • replaced all committee pages and interest group pages with the committee page document type
    • committee page doc type features:
      • automatically renders committee charges from the ALA database
      • includes a roster link that uses the ALA database
      • provides limited but consistent sections for a page
      • embeds the most recent public posts from a group's ALA Connect space
        • can set the number of posts to display from 1-10
      • provides consistent information in certain fields that can also be customized
  • restructured the main landing pages for committees and interest groups to have:
    • lists of existing and dissolved/inactive committees and interest groups
      • made directories for dissolved or inactive groups
    • lists all training resources on the main page for:
      • committee/IG chairs
      • committee/IG members
    • includes volunteer pathways
  • all committee and interest group documents (meeting reports, event documents, etc):
    • are being treated with the utmost of care
    • are backed up in multiple locations, in different ways
    • were removed from the site, given consistent naming conventions
    • are being deposited into each group's ALA Connect spaces by LITA staff
    • (all committees should be done and most IG should be done)
  • deleting webpages or directories from collage is the first step in deletion, ALA staff then have to delete pages/directories from the server

Future Work

  • Website Migration
    • will happen sometime in July (we will likely be in cohort 2 but may have to be in cohort 3 for August)
  • New IA
    • We will be implementing the new division IA on the website before the migration
    • We will model the new IA -- how we intend to fold LITA content into it -- on our Google site
    • Feedback is important but we will have limited time between getting the new IA and migration
  • To all committees and interest groups:
    • if you want more information in your page's history section, send text to the WCC at litaweb@lita.org
    • your documents are safe and are being deposited into your ALA Connect space but contact WCC if you would like a copy
  • ITAL pages have most external broken links
    • we made need to decide to not touch these links and leave the pages as they are, artifacts of their time
    • ITAL branding may need some special attention, we will be in touch with ITAL group about their new pages' look