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BIGWIG Interest Group Meeting

The BIGWIG Interest Group Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 25 from 4:00-5:30pm at the Intercontinental, Poydras room. With the interest group's upcoming renewal, the IG co-chairs would like to discuss the future of the group.

BIGWIG was born of the time when blogs and wikis were new and mysterious and BIGWIG stepped in to move LITA forward when the existing structure of the organization could not adapt quickly enough. However, that time has passed, and it now seems that BIGWIG overlaps to varying degrees with these other LITA entities/events:

  • Emerging Technologies Interest Group
  • Mobile Computing Interest Group
  • Top Technology Trends Panel Discussion
  • Coffee and Conversation with Experts
  • Web Coordinating Committee (now handles LITA Blog and Wiki)
  • Various task forces formed to investigate solutions to technological challenges for LITA or even ALA that BIGWIG previously explored or supported

So this big question we’d like to discuss with the BIGWIG community is: Should this IG refocus and develop in a different direction? Or should it be retired having served its purpose? If you can't attend, please leave your comments here. You can also weigh in through this poll.

All are welcome!
Rachel Vacek and Michele Mizejewski, BIGWIG IG Co-chairs