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Agenda, ALA Annual 2011

EBSS Membership and Orientation 2011 Annual Meeting - Agenda

Saturday, June 25, 9:00-11:00. New Orleans Marriott, Mardi Gras D

Members: Scott Collard (chair), Tobeylynn Birch, Ann Brownson, Cheryl Goldenstein, Linda Hofschire, Nancy P. O'Brien, Dorothy M. Persson, Ericka Raber, Andrew Aaron Revelle, Deborah L. Schaeffer, Hazel Walker

  1. I.                    Welcome and Introductions (5 mins)
    a. Minute taker assigned:

  2. II.                  Updates and housekeeping: (10 mins)
    1. Did we like the joint social?
    2. EBSS Advisory virtual meeting
  3. III.                Membership updates (15 mins)
    1. Numbers
    2. Letters
    3. Surveys
      1.                                                                i.      Why did they leave?
      2.                                                              ii.      Why did they join?
  4. IV.                Outreach updates and discussion (20 mins)
    1. Colleague to colleague program
    2. NMRT
    3. ACRL 101
  5. V.                  Brainstorming for other outreach ideas (15 mins)

  6. VI.                Other business and meeting review (5 mins)
    1. a.       Process and content of meeting
    2. b.      Reporting out


Meeting Part II

  1. I.                    Brochure revision (45 mins)