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ALA11 Membership Committee Agenda and Documents

Membership Committee DRAFT Agenda
2011 Annual Conference – New Orleans


Sunday, June 26

4:00p - 5:30pm, MCC-RM 340


Kay Cassell, Chair
John Chrastka and Cathleen Bourdon, Staff Liaisons



ALTAFF organizational membership – Discussion

MB 11a. - ALTAFF

A discussion of the ALTAFF friends groups and boards special membership project.


Trustee Joint Memberships – Vote

MB 11a.  - Background on Joint Memberships (informational)

MB 11a.  - Proposal for Joint Trustee Memberships (vote)

A proposal from the Chapter Relations Committee for an expansion of the Joint Membership program to include Trustees


Membership Statistics – Informational

MB 11a.1 - Statistics          

A report on year-to-date membership statistics and projections to the end of the fiscal year. 


Young Professionals Task Force Final Report

MB 11a. -

Receiving recommendations from the Young Professionals Task Force, including establishment of a Membership Sub-Committee to implement TF recommendations


Election Participation – Discussion


Division and Round Table Open Forum

Representative from divisions and round tables are invited to bring concerns or comments to the committee


Skeleton Schedule for Midwinter 2012

MB 11. – Skeleton Schedule

            Set meeting times for Midwinter 2012 in Dallas


-- Optional Docs attached include WAC report, 2015 Implementation Report and Div and RT overlap -- Informational Only --