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Communication Studies, ALA Annual 2012 Agenda

ALA Annual Meeting 2011
EBSS Communication Studies Committee Meeting
June 25, 2011 9am-12pm (11am-12pm will be the EBSS Consolidated meeting)

Location:  Marriott New Orleans Mardi Gras D Tbl 1 Shuttle Bus Route 5 (Gray); Also on the Meetings Express Shuttle Route


1.       Introductions

2.       Plan for communicating publication of” Information Literacy Competency Standards for Journalism Students and Professionals” (once approved);  see the CheckList for ideas

3.       Decide on the committee’s next project and task out

Ideas from our Midwinter meeting included:

  • Develop a rubric to assess the new journalism standards
  • Develop a rubric that could be applied more broadly to other areas within the communication field
  • Develop standards for other subdisciplines within communication
  • Document current issues in emerging media and how these impact librarians’ work (possibly partner with other groups on this); draft guidelines on how to work with new media