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ALA Annual 2011 - WAC Agenda

[edit:This should have been an online doc - see: http://connect.ala.org/node/146951
Please feel free to edit and add any topics you or your boards/constituents would like to discuss]

Hi all,

Attached below, please find the planned agenda for our WAC meeting - Monday 8-10 a.m.

Please respond to let us know if you will make the meeting. Please also respond with any topics you (or your boards/constiutents) would like to discuss & we'll make room for them on the agenda.

Links to various discussion threads are embeded in the pdf file.

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I'll be there, early.
While I have ALA Council at 10am, I can be late if we need to go over our alloted time :)


"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian

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I'll be there but will be leaving early for council.

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Again, I have a conflicting obligation. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend.

I would like to know if the group is focusing on the technology, platform and usability alone, or is there a strategy and process for gathering and shaping content?

We've been wrestling with the LLAMA site, and finding it challenging to maintain updated content, and I wonder if any other groups have an effective communications strategy.



Marsha Iverson

Public Relations Specialist

King County Library System



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I will see you all at the WAC meeting at 8-10.

Wendy Stephens

WAC intern

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Aaron and board,

I am not going to ALA this year.  The agenda looks interesting and I wish I could be there.

A few comments and questions:

1)  I was not aware of the Web Presence Managers Community in ALA Connect - The RUSA office said they would add me to a community of webmasters but it never happened.  The fact that it is not active is of concern and warrants discussion.

2) What is the role of WAC and each division's and section's web presence and usability?  There is a great deal of variation, attention and support among the various groups who add content to the ALA website.

3) Like the representative from LLAMA, my section CODES is having continual problems updating.  We also lost many pages from the last migration.

4) How do other representatives on WAC keep their division informed of the issues and action items that are discussed here?



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I will respond to your 4th question Vicki. I represent the round tables on WAC. I write a report twice per year before each conference and share it with the Round Table Coordinating Assembly, which is composed of future chairs and current chairs of all the round tables. I am on their listserv and respond to any questions or comments they have. My report to them includes most parts of the ITTS report to WAC. I also attend their assembly meeting at conference, compile their questions, and then bring them up at WAC.

Robin Kear

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Hi Aaron,

Yes, I will be at our meeting on Monday 6/27.

Robin Kear

Round Table Representative

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I will attend the WAC meeting.   -- Kathy Tomajko