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GLBTRT Revised Bylaws Implementation Roadmap

GLBTRT Revised Bylaws Implementation Roadmap
Recommended by the GLBTRT Bylaws Implementation Task Force
June 17, 2011

GLBTRT members approved sweeping changes to the RT bylaws on the 2011 ALA ballot.  Most of the new bylaws will go into effect in line with other ballot results in ALA,  to commence at the adjournment of the final ALA Council meeting of the annual conference (indicated below by the designation “Summer 2011”).  However, there are some exceptions.  This report outlines the more significant revisions to the bylaws and recommends a schedule for implementation. This implementation plan will be presented to the GLBTRT Steering Committee for discussion and approval at the Steering Committee meeting to be held 8 a.m.-10 a.m., Saturday, June 25, 2011, in Room 239 of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. See the end of this document to contact the Bylaws Implementation Task Force with questions or comments.

RT Chair

Changes to the chair structure recommended to take effect Summer 2011.

  • Current co-chair Dale McNeill will become Past Chair for one year (2011-12); McNeill also becomes Treasurer for a 2-year term, as a separate elected office (2011-13).
  • Current co-chair Anne Moore becomes Chair for one year (2011-2012), then Past Chair for the following year (2012-2013).
  • David Vess becomes Chair-elect for one year (2011-12), Chair for the following year (2012-13), and Past-Chair in the next (2013-14).

RT Executive

  • The elected executive members (McNeill, Moore, Vess, Secretary Jason Phillips, and RT Councilor Peter Hepburn) and standing committee chairs are the members of the Steering Committee through to the end of the ALA annual conference in 2012.
  • With the adjournment of the final ALA Council meeting of the 2012 annual conference, the RT Steering Committee is replaced by the Executive Board, composed of the elected executive members (including directors-at-large).  Standing committee chairs are not ex-officio members of Executive Board.
  • The RT membership will elect 5 directors-at-large on the 2012 ballot.  In order to establish staggered terms, three will be elected to two-year terms, and two to one-year terms.  Barring a special election to fill a vacancy, all subsequent elections for directors-at-large will be for two-year terms.  The directors-at-large begin their terms as Executive Board members as described above.

Standing Committees

All current committees continue, and the procedures for appointment of members and chairs for all committees remain unchanged. Much of the language on standing committees was removed to enable future procedural changes without requiring the revision of GLBTRT bylaws.

Bylaws Implementation Task Force Members