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ALA Emerging Leaders 2011 Final Projects

Emerging Leaders 2011 Final Projects


Project A:  Using New Media to Promote Learning4Life

  1. Description: Our initial focus was on the creation of a survey instrument in order to gauge how librarians were currently implementing AASL's Learning4Life plan, particularly the Standards for the 21st Century Learner, which offer a vision for how librarians can teach students to Think, Create, Share, and Grow via their library.  This survey was created via Google Docs and launched using a variety of outlets. We received a large number of responses and evaluated the content in order to draw overall conclusions from it.  We found that many school librarians were teaching students to Think, Create, Share, and Grow, but were possibly not aware of Learning4Life or felt they were not using the standards.  As such, we divided the survey responses into sections for each team member to use in creating new media projects and artifacts that clarified, supported, explained, and promoted the Learning4Life plan and the Standards for the 21st Century Learner.  These projects used tools such as Animoto, Prezi, Xtranormal, GoAnimate, Storybird, and others.  These will serve as sample projects and tools for librarians to use in their own school libraries with students to help them Think, Create, Share, and Grow.
  2. Final Project Page


Project B: ACRL 101

  1. Description: We enhanced the Annual Conference experience for first-time ACRL conference attendees. This project assisted the ACRL 101 program, which the ACRL Membership Coordinating Committee oversees.  We reviewed past ACRL 101 program and made recommendations on improving it.  We created videos based on the ACRL 101 “Making the most of the conference” tip sheet.  We updated the ACRL New Member wiki with information about the conference and ACRL 101 session.  We wrote a series of blog posts for ACRLog.
  2. Final Project Page


Project CImproving ALA Poster Sessions

  1. Description: Team C was charged with researching and analyzing ePoster products and making recommendations to the Poster Committee. Some of the key phases of Team C’s work included: gathering information and clarifying requirements from the ALA Poster Committee and ALA IT staff; compiling a list of requirements and features desired in an ePoster system; identifying possible ePoster systems; evaluating the capabilities of each ePoster system; selecting the top three ePoster systems and arranging product demonstrations; gathering input and feedback from team members; and recommending an ePoster system to the ALA Poster Committee.
  2. Final Project Page


Project DGetting the Message Out: Promoting Preservation Week 2011.

  1. Description: The Emerging Leaders group for Project D developed and conducted evaluations for the resources available on the Preservation
    Week webpages for librarians on the ALCTS webpages and for the public on the Pass it on @yourlibrary webpages. The group also utilized personal connections and social networking to help promote Preservation Week in addition to efforts of the Preversation Week Working Group.  Outreach to underrepresented areas was conducted through contacting consortia
    and state libraries. Our goals were to increase the total number of events and to expand the reach of events held for Preservation Week. The events were tracked using Google Maps.
  2. Link to Final Project Page: http://connect.ala.org/node/149308


Project EMoney Smart Week @ Your Library

  1. Description: ALA helped the Federal Reserve Bank take Money Smart Week national this past spring, April 2-9, 2011:  http://www.chicagofed.org/webpages/education/msw/index.cfm. During this week,  libraries of all types (public, school, academic) around the country will be encourage to create programming that week centered on financial literacy topics.  It's the creation of a new national week for libraries of all types to focus on financial literacy programming. The Emerging Leaders Team E created a survey to help track and evaluate  the reach  of this project within the library community, and to montior success of this first year through data collection
  2. Final Project Page


Project FLibrarians Build Communities

  1. Description: This project will identify steps to transform and extend an annual volunteer service day (Libraries Build Communities) into means to provide libraries with librarian-volunteers whenever and wherever needed.
  2. Final Project Page


Project GVideogame Collection Development

  1. Description:  Team G will present information on issues and best practices when developing a video game collection, including Circulation & Access, Selection & Purchasing, Weeding, and an ideal MARC record. The team surveyed public, academic, and school libraries across the United States and Canada and spoke with experts in the field to find out what innovative ideas might change what we know about videogame collections in libraries.
  2. Final Project Page


Project H:   Broke, Young* & Thirsty: A sustainable promotion & marketing plan for IRRT

  1. Description: Team H identified barriers to participation by new librarians in IRRT and put forward recommendations for a sustainable promotions & marketing plan for the Roundtable.  IRRT prides itself on highly attended reception it holds at ALA Annual each year.  Our group identified the high cost of attending the reception as a significant barrier to participation in IRRT events, particularly for younger librarians.  Through a program called "Broke, Young* and Thirsty", we worked with the IRRT Board to raffle tickets to the reception for young librarians willing to volunteer their time for IRRT activities at Annual.  This program achieved IRRT's goals of encouraging new membership in the Roundtable and creating connections between international librarians and ALA members.
  2. Final Project Page


Project IThe Seven Deadliest Sins of Library Websites

  1. Description: From ITTS: "Learn about library-related website and physical usability issues; Become an advocate for improving the user experience at your library and on your library’s website; and Share what you’ve learned with other librarians."
    The group decided to focus on the usability of various libraries’ websites by concentrating primarily on their homepages.  We wanted to find out a) what makes an effective homepage, b) where library homepages went wrong most often, and c) if there was any overlap of problems among various types and sizes of libraries.
  2. Final Project Page


Project JProject Title

  1. Description: For this task, we were specifically asked to build off of the work of 2010 Emerging Leader Project L, that sought to map ALA’s organizational structure. While building upon Team L’s tools and compiled data, our goal was to provide a calendar of ALA budget, committee work, conference, election, publication, scholarship/award and other time-based cycles. The work is intended to provide quick access to ALA-level action items, hard-to-locate forms, and information.We selected Drupal 6 and used the timeline module as a visual tool to display important dates and deadlines as they related to the ALA budget, commit-tees, conference, elections, and publications. As we gathered more information about ALA, our own knowledge of the association increased significantly. We hope that like us, members accessing our tool will find the information to be actionable, as well as aid in greater association engagement.
  2. Final Project Page


Project K: Staff Development Day Resource Wiki

  1. Description: Emerging Leader Project K's final product is an across-the-board training wiki on staff development days for library and information professionals. In 2010, an Emerging Leaders team created an online survey for collecting training data from library and training staff around the country. The 2011 Project K group utilized the general conclusions drawn from the survey data to create a comprehensive online resource to help libraries create dynamic and cost-effective training sessions for library staff development days.
  2. Final Project Page


Project L: Webinar Learning Series: A Feasibility Study for ALA's Learning Round Table

  1.  Description: We were charged with conducting a webinar feasibility study for ALA’s Learning Round Table (LearnRT). The purpose of the study was to determine the feasibility of LearnRT sponsoring a new, ongoing Webinar Learning Series to provide training and professional development for library personnel. We wrote a report which 1) identifies similar existing webinar series, 2) suggests best practices, 3) lists issues and implications for success, and 4) provides recommendations for designing and launching a webinar series.
  2. Final Project Page


Project M: Branding LITA: A Market Identity for the 21st Century

  1. Description: The Library Information and Technology Association (LITA) has recently faced a number of challenges.  In order to help LITA to develop a new and successful marketing identity, the Project Team M provides the marketing principles and strategies along with rough cost estimates and some branding suggestions for LITA based upon the survey and the SWOT analysis of LITA that the team conducted.
  2. Link to Final Project Page: http://connect.ala.org/node/146019


Project N: Leading with LLAMA

  1. Description: To understand the quality and quantity of LLAMA promotion by professors in ALA-accredited LIS management and leadership course. As the first phase in a three year LLAMA Emerging Leader project we found that many LIS management professors were unaware of the benefits of LLAMA membership - including connections between critical topics in management courses and the LLAMA mission. The information gained through this survey will lead to new strategies for LIS student recruitment and greater collaboration with LIS faculty and administration.
  2. Link to Final Project Page: http://connect.ala.org/node/146112


Project O: PLA 2012 - Program Planning and Support

  1. Description: Team O will support the PLA 2012 Conference in Philadelphia in March 2012. Team members will help facilitate programs during the event, as well as present a program of their own. They have developed a presentation that addresses the issues and benefits of a multi-generational professional workforce in public libraries today. The program is titled “The Numbers Don’t Matter: Empowerment and Bridge Building Among Different Generations of Library Staff”.
  2. Link to Final Project Page: http://connect.ala.org/node/146252


Project P: Project Visualize

  1. Description: Use online tools such as, but not limited to, Google Maps, social networking sites, YouTube, etc. to create visual advocacy resources that YA and secondary school librarians can easily use with library stakeholders to demonstrate the importance of library services to teens. The ultimate goal of this project is threefold: 1) create resources librarians, educators and library advocates can readily use and localize to advocate for their library program for teens, 2) help YALSA grow its online advocacy presence and 3) help ensure that library services to teens is a priority in communities across the country.
  2. Link to Final Project Page: http://connect.ala.org/node/149815