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Final Report: 2011 Emerging Leaders Project L

Team Name/Letter: Project Team L

Project Title : Webinar Learning Series: A Feasibility Study for ALA's Learning Round Table

Description of your Project: We were charged with conducting a webinar feasibility study for ALA’s Learning Round Table (LearnRT). The purpose of the study was to determine the feasibility of LearnRT sponsoring a new, ongoing Webinar Learning Series to provide training and professional development for library personnel. We wrote a report which 1) identifies similar existing webinar series, 2) suggests best practices, 3) lists issues and implications for success, and 4) provides recommendations for designing and launching a webinar series.

Name of your sponsoring Unit: Learning Round Table (LearnRT)

Team Members:

Member Mentors:

ALA Staff Liaison:

  • Darlena Davis, Program Coordinator, HR Development and Recruitment
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