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Instruction Section Communication Committee Agenda for Annual 2011

ACRL Instruction Section

Communication Committee Meeting

Annual Meeting

Saturday, June 25, 2011

1:30-3:30 p.m.

Marriott Hotel, Mardi Gras D





  1. I.                   Welcome and Introductions


  1. II.                Call for Additions and Revisions to the Agenda


  1. III.             Old Business
    1. a.      Approval of the November 8 minutes.


  1. IV.              Announcements (Russ Hall)


  1. V.                 Reports
    1. a.      Committee List Administrator (Russ Hall on behalf of Amy Van Epps)
    2. b.      ILI List Administrator (Ken Simon)
    3. c.       Newsletter Editor (Russ Hall on behalf of Megan Hayes)
    4. d.      Web Site Administrators (Jennifer Sharkey & Jean McLaughlin)
    5. e.       Maintenance of ACRL IS Wiki (Rebecca Kate Miller)


  1. VI.              Additional Items
    1. a.      Announcement of new web administrators
    2. b.      Thanks to those rotating off the committee


  1. VII.           Virtual Meeting for Midwinter


  1. VIII.        Comments for the Good of the Order
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