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NMRT Officer 2010-2011 Final Reports

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President Final Report attached.

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My report is attached.

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My report is attached

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Thank you for the opportunity to learn and serve with you all.

Amy Harmon, MLIS

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Please find the Final Report attached below. Thanks for a great year, everyone.

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My report is attached.  Glad I'm not the only late one! :)

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NMRT Board Member Final Report

1. Office Name: Vice President/President-Elect

2. Office Term: 2010/2011

3. Discuss/summarize your involvement with your committees this year:

One of my major duties as Vice President was to make next year’s committee assignments.  NMRT has 26 committees with about 200 total members, which were filled by about 150 volunteers for 2011/2012. Most volunteers were appointed to only one committee, about fifty to two committees, and only one volunteer was assigned to three committees (the maximum permitted by ALA). There is a short waitlist of volunteers available if spots open up. The economic climate continues to make it difficult for NMRT members to commit to appointments requiring conference attendance.

I also worked with the Vice Presidential Planning Committee on brainstorming ideas for my Presidential year.

4. Based on your year’s experience in this office, what future directions do you see your office or NMRT needing to take this year or the following year?

The biggest challenge I see for the next Vice President is to revise the volunteer form. The form needs to be simplified and streamlined, and the output generated needs to be in a more workable format.

In the coming year(s) I see NMRT pursuing more collaborations with other ALA units, and an updated NMRT strategic plan will help us pursue the most advantageous relationships.

5. What tips or hints do you have that might help your successor carry out the duties of this office?

I am working on documentation to pass on to my successor, but the most important thing is the level of communication we have already established. I will benefit greatly from her ideas and insight during my year as president.

6. Please address the role of the board member as coordinator.

I would like to see more interaction among board members outside the formal board meetings. We need to have more discussions on nmrtbd-l and in other venues, and make it easier for committee members, committee chairs, and board members to ask questions. I hope to create a system for monthly updates from chairs and supervising board members, to improve our ability to work together and to catch problems before they start. We need to take advantage of our more experienced members and to tap into the NMRT institutional memory.

7. Date of report: July 15, 2011

8. Submitted by: Linda C.K. Crook


Linda Crook

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Attached is the Secetary Final report.

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Report attached.

amandajaneroberts.com | amandajaneroberts.wordpress.com

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