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Annual Meeting Agenda for IS Management and Leadership Committee

ACRL Instruction Section

Management and Leadership Committee

ALA Annual 2011 Committee Meeting

Saturday, June 25, 1:30-3:30pm

Marriott New Orleans, Mardi Gras D Tbl 11



  1. Welcome and introductions


  1. Additions and revisions to the agenda


  1. Announcements


  1. Prioritizing the Communication Plans
    1. What is most important?
    2. What is less important?
    3. Revised deadlines?
    4. Next steps?
    5. Areas of responsibility?
    6. Email to Immersion faculty for review


  1. Job description mapping to proficiencies project
    1. Idea presented at Midwinter, but never moved forward due to changes in committee membership. 
    2. From those minutes: “Track job description use of the Standards. This needs to be done in a timely manner, not ongoing, but as a snapshot to be compiled in Spring 2011. It was decided only to use job postings. The need to reach out to coordinators of instruction, HR, and directors was discussed. If and how the Standards are used for performance evaluations.”
    3. Structure and leadership for this project


  1. Other business


  1. Adjourn