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RUSA Membership Committee Board Report - Annual 2011

Tags: Reports

RUSA Membership Committee
Board Report
Annual 2011

2011-2012 Chair
Liane will continue as Chair

RUSA 101 @ ALA Annual 2011 (New Orleans)

We did not schedule a formal 101 at Annual because of the no-conflict times on Friday after 4, the RUSA President’s Program on Sat from 4-5:30p and the section socials on Saturday night. MARS has their all-committee meeting on Sunday at 8a and that’s also when Literary Tastes Breakfast is, and RSS has their all-committee meeting on Saturday at 8a.

 We have agreed upon 3 outreach strategies in place of a formal 101 :


  1. Staffing the Membership Pavilion
    -We will be staffing the Membership Pavilion at least from 1:30-3:30 on Sunday
  2. Program Representatives
    -We will have volunteer RUSA representatives at several RUSA programs, who will be identified as a RUSA rep by the moderator
  3. NMRT Conference 101
    -We will have 1 RUSA rep at Friday’s Conference 101, as it has over 250 attendees at Annual 2010
    -Liane will contact NMRT Orientation Chair and then email committee for volunteer
    -We will have "ASK ME! about RUSA" buttons for RUSA Membership Committee members and RUSA Board members. Liane will drop off the buttons at the RUSA table in the Convention Center by Friday afternoon so folks can pick one up.

2011-2012 Active Projects

  • New Member Emails: Section reps will continue to send emails to new section members.
  • RUSA Social: Will continue to host Social at Midwinter
  • 101/Annual Outreach: Strategies for 2011 above; will plan for 2012 in Fall 2011; may talk with ALCTS who has a very successful 101/Annual event.
  • PRIMARY GOAL FOR 2011/12:
    Ambassador Program: Outreach to library schools; will re-open this project; need to gather history and strategize plan

 Retired Projects:

-Exit Survey: Received 15 surveys, all were basically the same: no money, job changed. Retire this for now. May be worth revisiting in 2012 or 2013 to see if reasons have changed.

-PPT: RUSA office is doing a video for member orientation for the website. As for showing PPT at Social, not worth the several hundred dollar fee for computer/projector. Will revisit if sponsor pays for computer/projector.