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Circulation/Access Services Discussion Group meets on June 26th, 8:00am - 10:00am

What better way to start a day than talking about Access Services?

Plan on joining Circulation/Access Services Discussion Group in Loews New Orleans (Pointe-Coupee Ballroom) on Sunday, June 26th from 8am to 10am as they talk about topics that are always red hot - just the way they like it in New Orleans!

Join the conversation gumbo!

Add to the mix - You got a topic?  Submit to our survey by June 8th - by 11:59pm!


Click on the link above or copy and paste it onto your browser.  Once you're at the SurveyMonkey site, just type your topic (or, topics) into the text box and submit.

Can you submit to the survey more than once?
Sure. You feel another hot topic burning in your head - for goodness sake: do not hold it in! Get it in to us!

Wait!  One more thing!


Brian Gallagher is stepping down as Chair of the Discussion Group on June 26, 2011.

Michelle Batchelor, currently the Discussion Group's Vice-Chair, has volunteered to run for Chair.

Norice Lee, currently the Secretary for the Discussion Group, has volunteered to run for Vice-Chair.

Please submit your name for the ballot if you want to serve as the new Secretary for the Discussion Group. If you are interested in running for either Chair or Vice-Chair - please submit your name for the ballot.


All 3 officers should attend both Mid-Winter and Annual of 2012.

The Chair must make room & time arrangements for the meeting.

The Chair must submit a report to the LLAMA-SASS Executive Committee.

The Chair & Vice-Chair must create and distribute an agenda for each meeting of the Discussion Group.

The Secretary must take the minutes and up-load them onto ALAConnect.

The Secretary must take a rooster of attendees at the meetings. The rooster must then be posted on ALAConnect.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Access Services Topics!


Ki sa se bon en Nouvu Olean, bibliothécaires!