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How can one delete a post or response when duplicates occur?

Members of several of my ALA Connect groups have duplicate postings or responses to postings. How can one delete the second copies?

Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

Hi, John --

Only admins for a group can edit and delete other group members' content. If you're an admin, you should see "edit" and "delete" links at the bottom of the comment.

If you're not an admin, you'll need to look at the roster to figure out who is and then contact them.


John Stevenson's picture

Hi, Jenny,

Thanks for the explanation re: other members' postings.

Shouldn't I be able to delete my own duplicate postings? I looked at editing one but dodn't see a way to delete the duplicate.


John A. Stevenson
Associate Librarian, Student Multimedia Design Center
University of Delaware Library
302 831-8671

Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

Hmmmm... you're right, John. I think we lost the edit and delete buttons on comments during the server migration. I'll report back here when we've restored them.


Kirsten Kinsley's picture


I, too, had a duplicate post that I could not delete in edit mode.  Any word on a solution?


Kirsten Kinsley

Assessment Librarian

Florida State University Libraries

Tallahasse, FL 32306-2047



Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

Sorry I forgot to come back here and give an update. It turns out that deleting comments is an all-or-nothing proposition and if we turn that on, it means that if one person deletes her comment, then any replies to that comment also get deleted.

If you look at all of the comments on this post, they're all replies to my original comment. If I delete that comment, that action will remove John's and Kirsten's comments, too.

So I'm on the fence about this because in most cases, it's probably fine to turn this on so that a user can delete something like a duplicate comment. However, in discussions with threaded comments, if someone comes back and decides they no longer want their comment to be there, they might take important points other people made, too. For that reason, we haven't changed this setting.

I'd love to get everyone's feedback on this, though. Should we leave the setting as it is? (Note that group admins and the ALAConnect Helpdesk can delete comments, so they could handle removing duplicate posts.) Or would you rather have the ability to delete any comment you made, even if it meant others could delete your replies without your permission and with no notification? 

Aaron Dobbs's picture

Duplicate posts are not a big problem, imho.

I'd rather keep the duplicate posts to guarantee keeping the associated comments than risk someone unilaterally removing segments of conversation.


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