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Agenda for Liaisons Assembly meeting on Saturday in New Orleans

Hello Training Committee,

Our Committee is hosting the Liaisons Assembly meeting in New Orleans.  We will have our own meeting on Sunday from 4-6, and Bede Mitchell, the chair of the Coordinating Committee should be sending out an agenda for that.  But every meeting must have an agenda, so here is the one for the Assembly meeting.  Names are people that indicated they could (or might be able) to attend.  This Saturday meeting is not a "must" for our members but you are certainly welcome.

Agenda Liaisons Assembly Meeting New Orleans

Saturday June 25, 2011 1:30-3:30

Sheraton Napoleon, B2

  1. Welcome and introductions (Kate Corby, chair)

  2. Training Committee members gather feedback on what we need to do and how we're doing. (Susan Barnes Whyte, Kirsten Kinsley, and Alys Jordan)

  3. Grants Commitee representative discusses grant application process and answers questions. (Debbie Malone)

  4. Round robin, sharing of liaison efforts/successes/lessons learned.

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I also plan to attend both meetings and indicated so in an earlier email.