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ALA Annual 2011 Meeting : Challenges and Solutions in Consortial Borrowing

ALA Annual 2011
Sunday, June 26th 10:30am-12pm
MARCC-New Levee

Join the RUSA-STARS / LLAMA-SASS Cooperative Remote Circulation Committee for an informative panel discussion about challenges and opportunities in consortial borrowing. Our panelists will kick off the session by introducing their broad perspectives, then they will engage in a discussion with the audience to allow further sharing of ideas and solutions. Please bring your questions, and your expertise!

Randy Dykhuis, Executive Director, MCLS

MeLCat is a project of the Library of Michigan, which contracts with MCLS to provide implementation, support, and training for participating Michigan libraries. Randy has been involved with MeLCat since it was first proposed, and he will discuss MeLCat's organization, management of the central MeLCat database, and training and support for MeLCat participants. MeLCat uses an INN-Reach group catalog that works with all sorts of ILS systems. Bibliographic data is loaded, records are added, items are withdrawn, and the Direct Consortial Borrowing (DCB) client data is updated daily. Non-INN-Reach libraries use the DCB client to check books out in the group catalog as well as in their own local ILS. Randy will share his experience with NCIP and other communication protocols as well as with encouraging communication between vendors. Other possible topics are issues in physical delivery such as selecting a delivery mechanism, turnaround time expectations, and challenges.

Melissa Trevvett, Executive Director Boston Library Consortium
As the recently appointed executive director of the Boston Library Consortium (BLC), Melissa has facilitated the implementation of WorldCat Navigator for unmediated borrowing. She will talk about factors that played into the BLC’s decision to use WorldCat Navigator for their consortial borrowing system, including the WorldCat Local discovery layer, interoperability with ILS systems, and the need to maintain a two-day turnaround time, which is a big priority for BLC. The BLC brings together public and private academic institutions of all sizes, which has presented challenges in implementation. Their next steps will be in working together to continue the process of making policy decisions about circulating collections between such diverse collections. 

Peter Collins, Asst Project Manager BorrowDirect
Peter has been leading the implementation of a new unmediated borrowing platform that has had a huge impact on the University of Pennsylvania and their BorrowDirect partners. He will talk about workflow efficiencies that have been achieved by allowing work to be more fluidly distributed across departments. He will also explain how the BorrowDirect system, through compliance with NCIP and other circulation standards, has created seamless borrowing for both the partner libraries and their patrons. The partner libraries use different ILS systems, making the ILS vendors’ support of remote circulation standards such as NCIP fundamental to their success.