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Current Info for Chairs

Updates and Info for LITA committee and interest group chairs. This document is updated and passed out at each joint chairs meeting at ALA Midwinter and Annual.

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Internet Resources And services IG Report

ALA Midwinter, 2012 at Dallas, TX

Saturday January 21,. 2012


Total of Six

Chair Sarah Passonneau at Iowa State University, spassonn@iastate.edu Karen Brown at  IUP, Kbbrown@iup.edu; Jason Simon  at Fitchburg State Univ., Jsimon6@fitchburgstate.edu; Bill Robnett at CSU Monterey Bay, Brobnett@csumb.edu; Pamela Wren at ATI, Hq7632@gmail.com; John Hernandez  at Northwestern univ, John-hernandez@northwestern.edu

Not Present Vice chair, Chair Elect Victor Dominguez Baeza at Oklahoma State University, victor.baeza@okstate.edu


  • Introductions
  • People discussed why they came.
  • Sarah turned the focus to the Ultimate Debate: Cloud Computing.
  • The debate needs three four more people for the panel.
    • Contact IT person
    • CIO EEE
    • Bill suggested created a bibliography that could be handed  out at the debate. Sarah will generate a Google Document By area

Topic Areas:

What is Cloud is Computing

  • Teaching & Learning: IL
    • Reading Resources in the Cloud
    • Budget limitations public services
    • Job retraining
      • Job searching
      • Job training
      • Security & Privacy
      • Stability of Access
      • Discovery Services
      • Cost and Maintenance
      • Vendor
      • Vendor Relations-stability & control
      • Immigrated

Sarah will contact Bill and Marshall Breeding to find more people for the panel. 

The group adjourned early.