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Call for Participation - ALA Annual 2011 - Virtual Focus Groups

Call for Participation - ALA Annual 2011

Have you conducted virtual focus groups to determine the needs of students and faculty in online, distance or on-campus programs?  To gather student and/or faculty reactions to library services, gain a better sense of how users research or assess information literacy instruction?

We’re looking for presenters who have conducted virtual focus groups to talk about their experiences with this assessment method at a LITA-DLIG (Distance Learning Interest Group) program at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.   Speakers will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using this assessment method and mechanics of running the virtual focus group.  While we intend this session to be of benefit to librarians working with online and distance programs, presentations needn't be limited to discussing virtual focus groups conducted with these specific populations. This panel session will be fairly informal, with about 15-25 minutes per speaker and interaction/discussion among the attendees.

The program will be held Monday 6/27 from 1:30-3:30.  If you are interested, please contact Chad Haefele chaefele@unc.edu and Lauren Ray olray@uw.edu with a brief statement of how you would contribute to the panel.