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Topics for New Orleans

Brainstorming space for selecting a topic (or topics) for Annual 2011. 

Please post your thoughts here before April 25. I'll compile the results and pull together a poll if there are a variety of topics to choose from.

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I am a member of IMLS-funded project called the Learning Space Toolkit that is intended to help design, share, and promote an updated model for institutions to plan and support technology-rich informal learning spaces (Learning/Information Commons or even smaller spaces).  The project is hosted out of NC State and includes DEGW and BrightSpot design groups as partners.  A couple of folks from NCSU will be attending and we would be willing to talk formally/informally about the project.  We are eager to get involvement from the IC/LC community.  There is initial information on our website, www.learningspacetoolkit.org.  We will be updating the site  with great information and (hopefully) useful tools as the project moves along.

As a general topic for discussion, I would be interesting in hearing about approaches to staffing models and partnerships at other institutions.  I also think a topic of "what hasn't worked" with examples of failures (and solutions/changes) would make for a great conversation.

David Woodbury
Learning Commons Librarian
NCSU Libraries 
NC State University
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1. What are some best practices on working with other service/interest departments and organizations from your institution, especially ones that may not have the same vision as yours?

2. Are there limits to how many/what types of services that should be included in a Commons? Are there examples of one that serve both students and faculty?