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Statistical Abstract in danger - Call to action!

You may have heard that the proposed 2012 Budget does not fund the Statistical Compendia Branch of the Census Bureau, eliminating their publications such as the Statistical Abstract and other data products.  Please share this message with any groups to which you belong and other librarians who know the importance of these data reference sources!  And contact members of the appropriations committees!

The ALA Washington Office has issued an action alert on the proposed termination of the Statistical Compendia Branch. The alert is available here: http://bit.ly/gyCIfS. The text of the alert in sum follows.

"In the coming weeks both the Senate and the House Appropriations committees will be working on the FY2012 budget, which includes the U.S. Census Bureau’s Budget Estimates, which called for the termination of their Statistical Compendia Branch.  Please take the time to inform them about the importance of the Statistical Compendia Branch’s work.

This branch compiles and releases such reports as the Statistical Abstract that includes usable data for the American public.  As the Bureau’s own Budget Estimate states, “the abstract provides a comprehensive summary of industrial, social, economic, and political data…of almost 300 government, private, and international agencies”. 

Message to Congress:

  • Continue funding for the Statistical Compendia Branch
  • The Statistical Compendia Branch compiles and releases important reports such as the Statistical Abstract that provides understandable data to a wide swath of the American public.
  • This material is used by librarians, educators, students, private businesses, state and local government officials, etc.

There is no other existing location where this data can be found in a similar usable format."

 Members of the appropriations committees:

House: http://clerk.house.gov/committee_info/index.aspx?comcode=AP00

Senate: http://appropriations.senate.gov/about-members.cfm


Chandler Christoffel (non-member)'s picture

Librarians at George Washington University's Gelman Library have created a "Save the Statistical Abstract!" video. Please share widely!