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Post-Midwinter Meeting 2011 Committee Report

                                              X Midwinter Meeting Report 2011


Name of Committee: ___Liaison with National Organizations Serving Children And Youth



Priority Group Area and Number: ___VI                                                                              


Priority Group Consultant: ________________________                                                   


Committee Chair: Marna Elliott and Sharon Salluzzo

___________________________________ Date: __January 9, 2011____________


Members Attending:

Marna Elliott, Sharon Salluzzo, Karen Reva Balsen, Rebecca Bishop, Betsy Diamant-Cohen, Nina Hunt, Grace Slaughter, Mary Sorhus






Members Absent: (Please note any unexcused absences regarding meeting attendance in a separate email to the ALSC President, ALSC Executive Director, and your Priority Group Consultant; please also note that media evaluation and award committee attendance is mandatory during both the Annual Conference following the first Midwinter and the Midwinter Meeting at which the selections are made):

Excused: Eric Gomez, Hayley Elece McEwing, Margaret Snow, Sandy Wee, Irene Wright





Carrie Banks

Leslie Molnar



Summarize Committee discussion, any decisions reached, and follow-up action needed, including suggestions for future programs or publications based on the committee’s work.


Committee members selected assignments of organizations to contact. We spoke of the need for discussion points/checklist to cover in our conversations. It was suggested that we have a sample “quicklist” that we can forward to the organization so they will understand what we mean by that term. It was also recommended that we mention Great Websites for Kids when we speak with our contacts in other organizations.


Discussion ensued around the current list of contact organizations:

How/when do we add an organization

When do we remove an organization   

We decided that we will take a hard look at the current list at annual in New Orleans. We will note those that do not respond to our email and phone calls and consider whether to continue to pursue them or to drop them from the list.

Betsy will contact the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child.

Nina is searching for national Home School organizations.

Karen will forward any pertinent information on educating other organizations about the value of libraries and children’s librarians on other organizations’ literacy plans.




We reviewed the Draft ALSC Strategic Plan and sent our feedback to ALSC.

Since collaboration with other organizations serving children will play a major role in the new ALSC Strategic Plan, our committee would like to have Linda Mays join us at annual to clarify the role of this committee.


We discussed the Poster Session at Annual 2012: what we will display for the organizations; the need to create a timeline; and the need for volunteers to cover the booth.


Carrie Banks spoke with us about ASCLA/ALSC cooperation.






How did the Committee’s activities since the last conference and during this conference help to achieve your objectives and meet the timetable set by the Committee?


Committee members have been contacting organizations serving children and youth.



How have the Committee’s activities since the last conference support and further ALSC’s Strategic Plan? Specifically, after each relevant goal area and objective below, describe how your activities contributed to the strategic plan.


Goal Area:  Advocacy

ALSC will promote and advance excellent library service for all children.

Objective 1:  Increase awareness of the value of excellent library service for all children.

                (EXAMPLE: The second phase of the Kids!@ your library public awareness campaign was launched on X date.  The launch included a variety of materials and resources [x, y, z] available for free for members to use with their community.)

Objective 2:  Increase ALSC involvement in ALA legislative initiatives.

Objective 3:  Increase funding for research and evaluation.

Objective 4:  Increase access to library services.


Presenting library awareness to other organizations


Goal Area:  Education

ALSC will strengthen, support, and advance research and education in the area of library services to children.

Objective 1:  Enhance continuing education opportunities for children’s librarians, youth service staff, and other internal and external stakeholders.

Objective 2:  Increase research and evaluation projects in the area of children’s library service.

Objective 3:  Continue to advocate for the inclusion of comprehensive coursework in children’s literacy and children’s library service courses in graduate and undergraduate programs.

Objective 4:  Increase the number and diversity of people who choose library service for children as a profession.


Goal Area:  Collaboration

ALSC will work collaboratively within ALA, the profession, and the wider community to ensure excellent library service for all children.

Objective 1:  Increase the effectiveness of ALSC’s current collaborative efforts.

Objective 2:  Increase opportunities to work in coalition with other related groups.

Objective 3:  Increase public awareness of the value of library service to children.


                Poster session for annual 2012




What problems did you encounter? What were the highlights of the committee meeting(s)?


We would like clarification of the role of this committee.




What are your objectives and timetable for work to do between now and the next conference?

            See above



If you have recommendations for changes in your committee structure or charge, please describe in detail by filling out a Form K.  Submit the completed form to the ALSC President, Priority Group Consultant, Organization and Bylaws co-chairs, and ALSC Executive Director.


If you have any committee activity or issues that require Board action, please complete a Board of Directors Action Form.



Sharon Salluzzo

___________________________________________________       __Feb 24, 2011_______

Signature of person reporting                                                                 date


Betsy Diamant-Cohen's picture

Is there an updated spreadsheet with the lists of organizations each committee member is supposed to contact?  I have tried to form and connection with The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child and with Reach Out and Read.

How can I find if there were any other organizations that I was supposed to contact?

I look forward to our committee meeting in Dallas!


Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen

Mother Goose on the Loose, LLC




Stephanie Bange's picture

Hi Betsy (and all)!
Nancee, Dan and I have been working on the "official" list and contacts.  
For the list, if you check the ALSC website, you will find one under our committee.  ALA just redid the website, including ALSC's, so things are a bit different to see.  (I had a tough time finding it!)   I believe this is the most current list.  Here is a link to the website:  http://www.ala.org/alsc/externalrelationships/organizations
For contacts, I believe this is on our agenda to address at Midwinter.
My apologies to all.  This has been a very difficult fall transition for both Nancee and me.  Please bear with us!
Safe journeys to Dallas!  See you there in Big D.

On Jan 13

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