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Just wanted to say how bittersweet is was to receive by Books-A-Million Discount Card in the Mail late Dec. That same week I had made it a specific task to go to our local Books-A-Million in Palm Harbor, FLA to get some calendars and perhaps browse for a couple of other things. CLOSED. NOTHING. GONE. Then I received the ALA Books-A-Million Discount Card in the Mail. I felt sad. Is this going to happen (happening) to our public libraries as well? is EVERYTHING going to be strictly online?

So, another store closes in Pinellas County. The same happeded to the Books-A-Million in Pasco County to the North of us. CLOSED. I ended up getting my calendars at the next door business STAPLES and then made a trip to the nearby Palm Harbor Public Library to pick up a few books a wanted. I work in another library district. No matter. My library card is good all over Pinellas County. These times they are changing, but for better or worse?

Mary Frances Kirkpatrick, Librarian I, Clearwater Public Library System, Clearwater, FLA


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I don't have any valuable or useful replies, but I love our little nearby bookstores and the library. I think that there are enough folks like us to keep them in business. If you like YouTube videos and don't mind watching books fall over, I recommend looking for The Joy of Books by crazedadman on YouTube. It might cheer you up.


eLearning Specialist