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DttP v.38:no.4 (Winter 2010)

DttP v.38:no.4, Winter 2010, is attached.


  4   Editor's Corner—Beth Clausen and Valerie Glenn

  6   From the Chair—Geoff Swindells

  9    Get to Know​ . . . ​Chris Brown—Julia Stewart

10  Federal Documents Focus—Lucia Orlando and Rebecca Hyde

11   State and Local Documents Spotlight—Barbara Miller

13   By the Numbers—Stephen Woods


17  Remembering the Forgotten Internment: Attempts at Redress for the Japanese Latin American Internees
of World War II

Naomi Fogerty

21  Inventing Nature: The History and Impact of Plants as Intellectual Property

Molly Corman

26  By the Authority Vested in Me: The Healthy Marriage Initiative and the Federal Government’s Historical Love Affair with Marriage

Jennifer Scott Wills

31  The Cost of Free Access to Information: The Controversy over PACER and Open Access to
Court Documents

Adrienne A. De Witt

38  ASERL Proposal for Regional Management of Federal Depository Library Collections

Judith C. Russell

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