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Keeping communication open


I've sent a similar message to June Abbas, chair of the RDA Update programming TF, Sylvia Hall-Ellis chair of the Competencies and Education for a Career in Cataloging Interest Group, to Marjorie Bloss, Gertrude Koh, Erin Stalberg, and Bobby Bothmann (CCS EC).

Out of curiosity, I followed a link on our website:

To a notice about a meeting I missed because I did not know about it.


The Competencies and Education for a Career in Cataloging Interest Group
meeting in San Diego will be held on Friday, January 7, 2011, in the San
Diego Convention Center, Room 23B, 4 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Our plan is to develop a formal managed discussion at the ALA Annual in New Orleans next June. The developing ALA competencies for librarianship
and emerging requirements related to RDA give us a lot to consider.


June Abbas, Marjorie Bloss and I reserved a room at ALA annual in order to ensure that a meeting of educators would happen at ALA annual 2011. I've joined the ALA Connect area for this IG, and I encourage you to be involved if you are interested as well.

We should all be keeping in touch with one another. This is one of the
aspects of ALA that frustrates me immensely! So big, that it seems like many
parallel worlds exist, and much effort is expended on work that could be
shared across groups with similar interests.