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2011 Report - Midwinter

DATE: 1/9/2011

GROUP: Next Generation Catalog Interest Group

CHAIR: Suzanne Graham

REPORTER: Suzanne Graham

EMAIL: srgraham@uga.edu

ADDRESS: Law Library Annex, 100 Herty Drive, Athens, GA 30602

PHONE: 706-542-5082

CONFERENCE: midwinter

MEETING: other

OTHER: IG Meeting

PROGRAM_TITLE: Opening Our Library Catalogs to the Semantic Web


CURRENT_ACTIVITIES: The LITA Next Generation Catalog Interest Group met on Sunday, January 9, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Hilton (Sapphire M)

At a brief IG business meeting, Graham shared with members information on the emerging LITA/ALCTS Linked Library Data IG (contact Corey Harper at NYU), which was meeting at the same time. We all hope to avoid concurrent scheduling in the future. Graham also reminded members of upcoming election for new vice chair/chair-elect of the NGCIG and encouraged attendance at our program during Annual on the Semantic Web with Ross Singer and Eric Hellman.

Eric Lindahl, an executive director of the eXtensible Catalog (xC), shared the development progress of this open-source metadata system. He discussed how XC transforms legacy metadata formats towards FRBR, RDA, and linked-data environments and integrates any ILS with any next generation catalog. Afterward, a lively question-and-answer session on xC filled the allotted time.

We only had one participant who currently had a project at her institution to incorporate linked data into the library catalogs.

Eric generously made slides available at: http://www.extensiblecatalog.org/learnmore

FUTURE_ACTIVITIES: Planning online election of new officer in April-May 2011.