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ALA Midwinter 2011 Minutes


ALCTS Organization and Bylaws Committee

2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting

Sunday, January 9, 2010

1:30-5:30 p.m.

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego, CA 


Erica Findley, Pacific University, erica.findley@gmail.com

Arthur F. Miller, Princeton University, afmiller@princeton.edu

John Wiggins, Drexel University, jww27@drexel.edu

Michael Elmore, Barnard College, melmore@barnard.edu

Morag Boyd, Ohio State University, boyd.4oz@osu.edu

Marilyn Lewis, Wakulla County School District, marilyn.lewis@comcast.net

Cheri Folkner (virtual member), Boise State University, cherifolkner@boisestate.edu

Shana L. McDanold, University of Pennsylvania Libraries, mcdanold@pobox.upenn.edu 


  • Art has contacted all Interest Groups up for renewal and committees up for review this year. No answers have been received yet. Art will forward responses on the O&B listserve for our evaluation. The updated schedule has been posted to ALA Connect http://connect.ala.org/node/107798
  • Art will follow up with the groups at the end of the month if they have not responded.
  • FIRST PRIORITY: Morag will create a Committee review form based on the Interest Group renewal form posted in ALA Connect http://connect.ala.org/node/107031. The form will be sent to the O&B listserve for our review.
  • Morag will revisit the how- to document that describes the review and renewal process. This document will be sent to the O&B listserve for our review.
  • Dale Swensen, Brigham Young University Law Library, has agreed to be the first ALCTS IG Coordinator. He will serve until ALA Annual 2013. Dale Reports to the ALCTS Program Committee Chair.
    • Immediately after our Midwinter meeting it was suggested that Dale Swensen also have some reporting or liaison tie to O&B. Art will look in to this possibility further.
  • It was suggested that O&B look in to using web forms similar to the ALA volunteer form. These forms sit on a webpage and collect information.
    • Morag will contact ALA Staff Christine about the possibility of using web forms for O&B Interest Group renewals and Committee reviews.
  • John Wiggins will share documentation on the CDMS transition to CMS with O&B. Via the listserve?
  • It is almost spring and ALCTS appointment time. Don’t forget to fill out your ALA volunteer forms and send out reminders to your sections.
  • John Wiggins brought petitions for two new CMS Interest Groups to the meeting. These will be Section Interest Groups so these petitions are informational only as far as O & B are concerned.
    • Art will scan petitions and send to the O&B listserve for our review.
    • Art requested that John also obtain electronic, typed versions of the petitions so we can have this on record.
    • John will draft a procedure for how new Interest Groups and the section liaisons to O&B can work together on creating, signing, and submitting petitions.
    • Morag pointed out the Electronic Resources Group has a very similar name and charge to the Electronic Resources Group in CRS. We may consider asking this new group to change their name.
  • SECOND PRIORITY: O&B will create a form to be used for the Section self assessment and review process. O&B will also develop a set of questions that can be used for the self assessment report by each section (see below for more details).
  • THIRD PRIORITY: O&B will review the existing Interest Group renewal form.


ALCTS section self assessment and review

Cynthia Whitacre has asked O&B to take on a new role of evaluating ALCTS sections. Please see her e-mail forwarded to the O&B list on 11/17/10 by Art for specific details. The process was discussed by O&B at this meeting. The following were areas that O&B will work on early this year to develop the process and timeline for section review.

  • The review will have two parts; a form to gather the needed factual information and a self assessment (report) that can be created by anyone of the sections choosing
    • The form will be similar to the Interest Group renewal form.
    • The report will answer a specific set of questions agreed on by O&B
      • Members of O&B have been asked to post a list of questions for this process to the listserve by the end of January 2011. The first list of questions posted can be built upon by other O&B members.
  • Part of the self assessment should be matching section activities to the ALCTS strategic plan. The strategic plan will serve as a benchmark for measuring the relevance of sections. Using the ALCTS Strategic plan in this was can also provide feedback to the ALCTS Board on the relevance of the Strategic plan.
  • The chair will be contacted and can appoint any person or group to write the self assessment and submit to O&B.
  • Sections should also be asked to provide information on future directions of their sections as part of this process.


Process/timeline for conducting the Interest Group renewals and Committee reviews

O&B discussed the process for Interest Group renewals and Committee reviews. Topics included the timeline for contacting chairs and the roles of the section liaisons that sit on O&B. The following were suggested as ways to help organize the process.

  • Create and publish a timeline for contacting chairs and vice chairs about renewals and reviews.
    • An initial contact will be made in April after ALCTS committee appointments are made. This contact is to give a “heads up” to the outgoing and incoming chairs and let them know what information they will be required to provide for renewal or review.
    • A second contact will be made before Midwinter. The information for renewal or review will be requested and a due date for reporting will be provided.
  • The Chair (or incoming chair) of O&B will make these contacts.
  • The role of the section liaisons is to help interpret the Bylaws to their section and to bring questions/concerns from their section to O&B.
  • Members of O&B will look more closely at this timeline and offer suggestions for changes to the O&B listserve. Timeline: End of January 2011.


Changes to ALCTS CRG

The changes to CRG were discussed by O&B.. Cynthia Whitacre suggested that only editorial changes would be needed to the Bylaws and that a vote by ALCTS membership would not be required. However, some of the CRG restructuring may require more than an editorial change to the Bylaws.

  • CRG changes will be sent to the ALCTS board by ALA Annual. O&B should have a better idea at this time what needs to happen with the Bylaws.
  • CRG will be dissolving two committees; the speaker’s bureau and continuing education.
  • CRG is changing its affiliation with ALCTS. This is the action that may have the most effect on the Bylaws.
  • Art and Morag will keep O&B updated on these changes as they happen.
  • A review of changes to the Bylaws will need to be done before the ALA Annual meeting.
  • If a membership vote on the Bylaws is needed we would time the vote to coincide with the Annual conference.


ALCTS restructuring

There are some known changes already taking place:

  • CRG changes
  • The appointment of the ALCTS Interest Group Coordinator


The ALCTS Board would like incremental change to ALCTS instead of radical change. There is no news at this time of other changes in ALCTS. 

Update on ALCTS Board decisions

Art updated the group on a few decisions or topics discussed at the ALA Midwinter 2011 meeting.

  • The ALCTS Board discussed changing the ALCTS Board meeting schedule to meet on Friday and Monday instead of Saturday and Monday. This allows for board members to attend more conference programs. A final decision has not yet been made on this change.
  • Art requested more technical support for virtual participation at ALA Meetings from the ALA Board rep when she came to the ALCTS Board meeting asking for feedback. Art submitted a complaint and there has not yet been any response.


White paper on ALA Midwinter

Art forwarded a white paper written about the ALA Midwinter conference to the O&B listserve on 01/04/11. The O&B group discussed this paper. This started another discussion on the ability for ALA groups to function if the Midwinter meeting was eliminated. Some important points to note from discussion:

  • ALA no longer requires attendance at Midwinter to volunteer and serve on committees. ALCTs left the requirement to attend up to each committee. Some committees do need attendance at Midwinter.
  • There has been pressure on the ALCTS Board to reduce the number of rooms needed for committee meetings.
  • Chicken and the egg: some ALA members require appointments to get the funding for conferences. Loss of funding will result in less participation and less revenue for ALA. This could result in higher membership fees and even less participation.