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Sarah Passonneau (non-member)'s picture

LITA Internet Resources and Services Interest Group Mid-winter minutes Jan. 9, 2011

Meeting Type: ALA Midwinter meeting

Location: San Diego Convention Center

Date: Jan. 9, 2011

Discussion/Interest Group: Internet Resources and Services

Moderator/minute taker:

Sarah Passonneau, vice chair/chair elect


Victor Baeza Oklahoma State University Victor.Baeza@okstate.edu

Paige Mano University of Wisconsin, Campus Parkside Mano@uwp.edu

Bonnie Fong Felician College Lodi NJ FongB@felician.edu

Not Present

Chair: Mary Axford


1.       Introductions

2.        Discuss the planning for the 2011 ALA Annual Ultimate Debate: “Library Web Scale Discovery Services: Paradigm Shift or More of the Same?”

a.       Roy Tennant is the moderator he writes about technology and libraries

b.      Panel debate with prepared questions

c.       Sarah Passonneau will send information on the speakers to meeting members

d.      Mary and Sarah need to get a list of questions for Roy

e.      People asked for a list of the previous programs for the Ultimate Debate

3.       Discussion of group status and new vice-chair

a.       People seemed interested in continuing the group and will meet online a few times to build on ideas and programming.

b.      Possible: Victor Baeza could be vice chair for the group. Mary and Sarah will contact him

4.       Future Ultimate Debate program planning

a.       Data collection verse private

b.      Meagan Oakleaf as a possible debater

c.       Filtering information

d.      Access to Information privacy filtering computers --

5.       Next Steps what types of programming resources

a.       Put a list of top 10 sites of website or directory of titles

b.      Paige talked about a program where there where two teams put websites together and audience decides who did better.

c.       What we need to do to move forward with this process

d.      Victor suggested that we could put two different web resources on the website have people vote for best one.

e.      Paige will send Sarah materials for the program

f.        Sarah will send materials  to the group for finding cool sources

g.       Folks agreed together 2 times before ALA annual for short virtual meeting regarding resources and focus for group. 

6.       Sarah will contact LITA leaderships about idea for Internet Resource challenge

7.       Paige’s programming information is below

8.       The programming for all the Ultimate Debates since 2006 can be found as the last item.


Below is information Paige sent Sarah regarding the technology team programming.

This is the blurb about the program I attended at the Wisconsin Library Association conference:


♦ MacGyver Library vs Have You Heard About: Showdown of the Library Technology Titans


Tasha Saecker, Director, Elisha D. Smith Public Library, Menasha; Beth A. Carpenter, Director, Kimberly/Little Chute Public Library; Jon Mark Bolthouse, Technology Projects Manager, South Central Library System; Chris Grugel, User Education Librarian, Carthage College; Stef Morrill, Associate Director, South Central Library System; Joy Schwarz, Web Librarian/Interlibrary Loan Librarian, Winnefox Library System


Every year at WLA, the "MacGyver Guys" and "Have You Heard About" present one cool technology after another, bringing library staff and their patrons the very latest in library innovations, gadgets, software and services. It's hard to say who has the better handle on cutting edge technology ... but this year attendees will find out! Come watch these two teams battle it out for techno-dominance! Can they actually fill an hour with that much technology? Will one team finally triumph over the other? Can't they just get along and ... collaborate? You paid for your whole seat ... but you're only gonna need the edge!


Here is the contact info for Jon Mark Bolthouse, http://www.scls.info/about/contact/jm.html one of the "MacGyver Guys," but if you would like any info about the other people, I can try to find that for you too...


Also, here is the delicious page of links that the group used for their presentation: http://www.delicious.com/haveuheard2010


Ultimate Debate Programming since its inception


Programming for the Ultimate Debate from its Inception



Panel Participants



“Library Web Scale Discovery Services: Paradigm Shift or  More of the Same?”

Marshall Breeding and Anne Prestamo.

Roy Tennant


“Free Beer not Free Pups” A discussion of open source applications

Marshall Breeding, Karen Schneider, and Stephen Abram

Roy Tennant


"Has Library 2.0 fulfilled its promise?"

Michael Porter, Cindi Trainor, Meredith Farkas, and David Lee King

Roy Tennant


There's no catalog like no catalog: The future of the library catalog.

Stephen Abram, Karen Coyle, Joseph Janes, and Karen Schneider

Roy Tennant


"Do Libraries Innovate?"

Joseph Janes, Stephen Abrams, and K.G. Schneider

LITA Vice-president Andrew Pace


The Ultimate Debate: Who Controls the Future of Search?