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ACRL STS Government Information Committee Draft Meeting Minutes - 2011 ALA Midwinter

Draft Meeting Minutes

STS Government Information Committee
ALA Midwinter 2011.  Saturday, January 8th, 10:30am-12:00pm


Attending:  Tony Aponte, Dan Barkley, Tim Byrne (co-chair), Patricia Kenly, Cheryl McCoy (co-chair), Louise Richards, Wayne Strickland, Andrea Wirth (notes)

Guest: Mina Pease

Absent: Nedelina Tchangalova

1. Introductions

Committee members introduced themselves.


2. Announcements

No announcements or additions to agenda suggested formally (although we did have a guest – see end of notes).


3. Approval of Meeting minutes from ALA Annual meeting

Minutes tentatively approved.

Action item: Cheryl will send the draft minutes from Annual 2010 out to the committee and will post them on ALA Connect after everyone has a chance to review them.


4. STS Council Update

No updates for committee discussion.


5. Committee Background

a) Facebook page

Tim reported the Facebook page for the committee has been updated to a “page” from a “group”.  Membership has been slow to move from the group to the new page.  Tim has sent a note to all the former members and will send another note.  Tim has added link to the wiki site on Facebook.


Group also discussed posting to the Facebook page and proposed that anything that goes on the Facebook page should be considered for the STS listserv also.  We can use the number of “likes” to determine which updates get sent to the STS  listserv.  Tim suggested three likes for an update to be sent to STS-L.


Group agreed we should all be administrators of the Facebook page so we can contribute content.  Action Item: Tim will make all committee members admins.


b) ALA Connect

Cheryl will look at the Connect site and make a recommendation as to whether we should use it for committee communications, documents, etc.


6. ACRL/STS Wiki – Science and Technology Government Information Sources

a) 2010 survey and b) survey results

Tim handed out the comments received during the summer 2010 survey about the wiki.  The results were mostly positive, feedback was helpful and constructive.  Unfortunately, the ACRL wiki was down for part of the time the survey was open, which led to technical comments that we would not have otherwise received and that are beyond our control.


Ideas for marketing the wiki include:

  • sending new additions monthly to the STS listserv
  • linking from the Facebook page (done already)


c) Posting and updates

Group discussed plans for updating and structure of the website based on survey comments.  Ideas included:

  • tracking new additions in a special section at the top of the wiki (this will help track what is sent to the STS list as well)
  • Tim has been adding content and improving navigability based on comments from the survey
  • Tim has also updated the current interest section to reflect the NSF data plan (was Gulf oil spill)
  • Tony has been adding information for California
  • Committee agreed we should expand the subject categories. Wayne suggested using the NTIS science categories (39 broad categories) and not try to invent our own.  Action item: Wayne will send us a link to the NTIS categories) and the committee will review them.
  • When adding links to the wiki, it is essential to have good annotations so people know what they’re going to get
  • Do we keep databases and search tools separate from the subject tools? There is a lot of overlap and comments from the survey suggested maybe we shouldn’t.  However, in some cases a search engines might be what someone needs and they will not necessarily be able to find easily if tucked under subject areas.  We agreed to keep databases under the subject, but possibly separating the databases from the webpages.
  • Future work.  We should all be making updates to our states’ sections on the wiki.  We may have a conference call between now and Annual to discuss further.  (OSTI has a license for Go To Meeting that we could use).  Action item: Tim will schedule a conference call for February to discuss progress on the wiki


7. Brainstorming future projects

The committee did not discuss future projects, but we did discuss whether it would be possible to change the meeting time to avoid so many conflicts with other divisions and sections (primarily GODORT).

  • Action item: Tim will send a survey to us after Midwinter to find out if there’s a time on Sunday  that works for everyone to move the meeting to.


8. Assignments for Annual

  • Action item (all): Members we asked to consider co-chairing with Tim.  Cheryl’s term ends after Annual.
  • Action item: Everyone should update their state’s information on the wiki.


9. Other

Dan Barkley provided an update on the GODORT  Legislation Committee

  • GODORT Legislative Committee was sparsely attended and is considering virtual meetings and is reviewing its meeting schedule to reflect fewer resolutions being reviewed/or drafted at Midwinter. 


Mina Pease (guest) voiced her concerns and urged us to discuss whether electronic government documents were truly accessible in their current state. Is the federal government doing a disservice to its citizens under the current model of distribution?  We discussed points of access and issues briefly, but also noted that our interest is primarily in acting as a conduit for Science and Engineering Librarians to keep up on government information relevant to their subject areas.  This committee - and particularly this meeting due to a full agenda - was not the forum for discussing government policy for distribution or production of documents as a whole.