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ACRL STS Government Information Committee Meeting Minutes - 2010 ALA Midwinter

STS – Government Information Committee

Jan. 16, 2010 - ALA Midwinter

Hotel Intercontinental, Boston

In attendance: Alison Ricker, chair; Tim Byrne; Patricia Kenly, recorder; Andrea Wirth

Alison reported from STS Council I meeting – the 2011 ACRL conference theme is “A Declaration of Interdependence.”  It will be held in Philadelphia, from March 30 to April 2, 2011.  Deadline for proposals is May 10, 2010.  This theme, from the perspective of our committee, could include be government agencies working with others.  Perhaps collaborate with Instruction Section of ACRL?

Action plan proposals – ACRL is looking at these – such activities would have to tie in to ACRL’s Mission Statement and Strategic Plan.  Example:  funding for liaisons to go to other meetings; hire an intern to redo the government information committee’s website.  Please let Alison Ricker know if you have any ideas (before Council II meeting on Monday.

ALA’s Emerging Leaders – if we have any ideas, please let Alison Ricker know if you have any ideas for our section to be involved with this program.  We might, for example, be interested in supporting an intern working in the area of legislative advocacy.  One member noted that some groups pay the way for an Emerging Leader to work with a project, or endorsed some of the Emerging Leaders’ projects.  Another member has worked with the Emerging Leaders on a project with RUSA.

STS Signal deadline for the spring issue is March 7th.

For the Annual conference (in Washington, DC) - there will not be free wireless access, nor microphones in the hotel meeting rooms for smaller groups.   STS might pay for one person in each Discussion Group to have wireless access. STS program session theme is Federal Partners.

Website, etc. –  Alison Ricker has asked the Assessment committee to look at our Facebook page.  Comment from one member – a big use of this is the non-specialist.  Perhaps promote it to non-STS librarians?  The wiki - Alison Ricker will send out an email monthly to ACRL (and STS-L) to highlight something from it.  Perhaps also have an RSS feed, etc., from the wiki? Committee members agreed that it was worth it to continue the wiki.  Another idea – also post the notice to GOVDOC-L, to the list for the Instruction Section, and others as appropriate. Let Alison Ricker know the lists to which you subscribe. The committee decided to have members volunteer to send out this email on a rotating basis:

            January and February --           Alison Ricker

            March and April  --                  Don Frank

            May and June  --                      Tim Byrne

            July and August --                   Andrea Wirth

            September and October --        Cheryl McCoy

            November and December --    Patricia Kenly

Wiki sections to update: Don Frank and Alison Ricker will roll off in June, so, after that time – Andrea Wirth will do “Federal - Earth and Environmental Science” ; Patricia Kenly will do “Government Information Policy” ; Tim Byrne will do “States”.

Government Information Policy – note that there’s an ALA Council on Legislation at both midwinter and annual conference.  ALA and ACRL filed comments re: open access to government-sponsored research papers to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).  The Washington Office release about this “ACRL and ALA call for increased public access to federally funded research” was on Janurary 12th, and is at:  www.wo.ala.org/districtdispatch/  .  Deadline for comments was January 20th.  STS had send out an email about this in December.  Alison currently shares news to STS-L about action needed re: legislation.  Who would like to continue this? 

Open government guidelines have been released from the White House. Somewhat related to this, Tim Byrne noted that the White House has told each government agency to add three new data files to:   www.data.gov

Announcements: Tim Byrne re: the soft release of:  www.scienceeducation.gov .  It includes tags to indicate reading level.  Users can add tags as well as rate sites.  Also, Tim Byrne is a member of the STS Open Access Task Force.

Facebook – Alison Ricker created a group for our committee.  Is this useful?  Tim Byrne will be added as an administrator for our Facebook group and will convert the content there into a Facebook page.  He is also the administrator for OSTI’s Facebook page.

Earth Day – this year marks the 40th anniversary.  What are government agencies doing?  Patricia Kenly will look into this, and will alert ACRL and STS members about any activities as well as posters, logos, etc. There is a possibility of partnering with SSRT, as there is an SSRT Task Force on the Environment.  Alison Ricker will contact the chair of that task force.


Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Kenly