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ILL Discussion Group Minutes: Midwinter 2011

STARS ILL Discussion Group Meeting

San Diego, CA.  Saturday, January 08, 2011

10:30AM -12 Noon



·         Megan Gaffney, University of Delaware (Discussion Group Chair)

·         Kristina Eden, University of Michigan

·         Cyril Oberlander, State University of New York, Geneseo


1.        Welcome & Announcements.  Megan welcomes attendees.  Reminds group that we will be looking to elect a co-chair/chair elect during  Annual in New Orleans.  Also STARS is looking for Committee volunteers.


2.       Presentation #1:  HathiTrust  Digital Library by Kristina Eden (slides attached below)

a.        Overview.  Began 2008 w/ CIC and Univ. of California Libraries.  Now has 52 member libraries.  Goals are preservation and access.  Everything searchable, not dark archive. Now Global w/ addition of Univ. of Madrid

b.      Governance:

c.       Numbers:  7.8 million volumes.   25% public domain

d.      What’s included?  Founding on Univ of Michigan/Google project expanded to Internet Archive, local digitization projects

e.      Comprehensive Collection.  All languages.  Pilots of image and audio content.  80% of all published work worldwide in next 30 years.

f.        Mission:  Managed and funded by libraries.  Preservation and Access. 

g.       Not a Dark Archive:  Everything searchable but not all open.

h.      Access:  Who can see what?  Many variables.  Project partners?  US or worldwide.  Print on demand available via Amazon (public domain).  Disabilities Access.  Section 108 Preservation on Univ. of Mich. campus only.

i.         Pre 1870:  searchable, viewable & downloadable  if not governed by Google Partner Agreement..  Print on demand available worldwide.

j.        1871-1923

 i.      US:  Public Domain.  Viewable in US only

 ii.      In copyright:  Fully searchable.  Nobody sees full text.  Section 108 Preservation provides Univ. of Mich. campus users access.

k.       Copyright initiatives:  Researching orphan works.  International scope is next.

l.         Future plans:  2011 Reindexing for non-Latin script, etc.


3.       Discussion of Presentation #1:  Impact on ILL

A.  HathiTrust  Content that’s not in Google  What do we get by going to HathiTrust  and not Google?

Creates confusion.  OCLC has holdings.  Errors exist.

1.      HathiTrust search only drive use of print:  keyword in context.  As discovery tool.  HathiTrust is better than Google. 

2.      Records show up on OCLC creates confusion

3.      Use/Access options needs to be up front.  Need to determine it item can be delivered.  That info is available in the UofM catalog.


B.  Working w/ users & HathiTrust via feedback?

1.      Patrons don’t want to read it on line but want to print the pdf.  Adapting to digital reading? 

2.      Amazon print on demand for US public domain only can still find/get pdf.


C.  Orphan works/Public Domain

1.      A review of 90K items uncovered 55% in orphaned/in public domain. 

2.      Establishing public domain public:  Could ILL offices help out?  Right now keeping project


D.  Can you interact w/ HathiTrust online text?  Patrons/librarians more satisfied w/ marking, noting, bookmarking, etc. interacting w/ text. 

1.      Gift Deselection and SUNY G found 30% of titles in HathiTrust .  Use to deselect brittle books. 

2.      Pre-1923 journals in Google.  Freely available in Google.  Use it in Borrowing.  Good tool.

3.      Useful for citation verification.

4.      HathiTrust  has API for custom programming


E.  International Copyright:  Google terms of contract keeps international access down.   


F.  ILL wasn’t on HathiTrust radar. Something for ILL community to keep in mind.  HathiTrust contact Jeremy York (UofM) www.HathiTrust .org


4.      Presentation #2:  From Data to Decisions-Making Information Delivery Services (IDS) & Getting it Systems Toolkit.  Cyril Oberlander. (slides attached below)

A.      IDS project overview:  59 libraries.

B.      TAT > Transaction Performance Analysis to measure how performing visa a vie benchmarks

C.      What are our Benchmarks?

a.       Rapid 24 hours and currently

b.      Measuring users satisfaction.  Missing 

c.       Trusted sending:  Is it working? 

D.       Data helps but what next

a.       Mentor Team.  People need be more technically competent. We need workflow and systems specialist

b.      National need for this model

E.      Workflow Toolkit>

F.      Mentor Training institute:  Formal and formal.  IDS provides certification

G.     Question:  Where are the vendors in this process/? 

H.      ALIAS Article Licensing Info Access Service

I.       Technology Advisory Groups provides model to get things done/Distributed teams.  (e.g. IDS Search)

J.        Needs lead to innovations

1.      HathiTrust

2.      E content management:  Serials Solutions or SFX addon in ILLiad connects ILL w/ e journals

K.   What is GIST?  ILL and Acq converging:  If you can’t find a copy for free, then purchase. 

1.      Internet Archive not crawled by Google. 

2.      Estimated delivery date part of the form

3.      Useful for staff?  ILLIad to Acq or Cat

4.      Questions:  impact of HathiTrust  on orders. 

L.     Purchasing Articles>  Unmediated connection to pay per view services.  Getting stuff in 3 minutes.  Libraries billed monthly

1.      Testing AddOns:  Serials Solution, SFX or CCC Get it Now.  Released in March.

2.      Once OCLC Oyster is API accessible so then we could have free articles

3.      Alternative to paying lending and CCC fees.  Invoice not Credit Card.  (added value)

M.  GIST Acq manager > Acq in ILLiad.. budgeting added.  Unbundle Acq from ILS .  Connect to university purchasing?  Should come next. 

N.     Idsproject.org and conference.  Albany NY Aug 2-3. 

O.     Important questions

a.       People first:  prepare for change. 

b.      What works in region and library? 

P.       What to do?

a.       Visit a neighbor

b.      Share expertise and learn

Q.     Print Purchase on demand for items not to add to the collection  

a.       Buy books then give to patrons or add to library booksale

F. Purchasing & Borrowing converging. 

5.  Open Discussion: 

a.      Other libraries implementing GIST?  U of Arizona. 

b.      How can more librarians access the content of these programs and discussions?  Several attendees noted need to share program beyond conference.  Vice-Chair David Atkins, University of Tennessee, stated that this will be something the Discussion Group will investigate.

c.       Annual Program:  E-resources and licensing.


6.  Megan adjourned meeting.