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BRASS Education Commitee Meeting (Minutes) ALA Annual Conference 2006 - New Orleans

BRASS Education Committee

ALA Annual Conference, New Orleans

Monday, June 26, 2006

4:00 – 5:30 p.m.


Members present:  Celia Ross, chair, Todd Hines [Ex-Officio], Cory Tucker, Kay Ikuta, Van Houlson, Elisabeth Leonard, Penny Scott, and Irene Weiner [recorder].

Guests present: Kevin Connor, Stacey Marien.

Absences: Adele Barsh[excused],  Steve Cramer [excused], Kevin Harwell [excused], Violet Le [unexcused], Susan Norrisey [unexcused], Lee Pike [virtual member].


1.  Call to order / Volunteer to take minutes

2.  Welcome / Introductions / Roster

3.  Additions to and approval of agenda

• Approved as is.


4.  Approval of Midwinter 2006 minutes

• Approved as is.

5.  Announcements/Updates
        a. Publicity task force update (Core Competencies article for

• Core Competencies article will be published in the upcoming issue of RUSQ (Fall ’06). The intent is to publicize the resources and original BRASS developers of each Core Competency guide was given credit within the article. Article was authored by BRASS Education Committee members Kevin Harwell, Elisabeth Leonard, Celia Ross, and Cory Tucker.  There is a possibility of publishing an article about the “Best of the Best” in the future. 

   b. RUSA professional development course on Business 101 and

• Celia reported on her online Business Reference course that was offered in March through RUSA. It was sold out and deemed a success. The first course in this series was the Reference Interview, while this course was the second in the series. A third online RUSA course is now available on Readers’ Advisory.  All the courses are built using WebCT.


• Elisabeth Leonard is currently working on a RUSA online professional development course on  Marketing. Todd reported that Elisabeth’s class had been approved by the Board, and will be the next online class to be offered in this series.


• Todd also reported that BRASS had originally budgeted revenues of $17,000 from these kinds of online course offerings, but as of this summer, the revenue had already exceeded $22,000. There was some uncertainty over whether this number reflects the income from the preconference, as well.


• Other info from the RUSA Prof. Development committee per Todd: a RUSA online professional development course on Book Reviews might be in the works; ALA is considering whether to support a library staff certification program


• reminder to come to the BRASS dinner on Monday evening.


6.  Best of the Best Business Web Sites
        a. updates and/or reassignments

• Celia rechecked on members’ assignments.
        b. questions/concerns

• None
        c. new topics for Best?

• None offered—solicit new committee members in order to expand offerings?
        d. creation of a "how to/best practice" guide for Best

•Celia is drafting a guide on how to create and update the “Best of the Best” sites. It will prove most helpful to new, incoming members of the committee. It will also prove to be beneficial to the web manager that posts the lists so that they know when to expect new postings. The new guide will include evaluation criteria as well as a template that can be used to send in changes and updates.

• There is a suggestion to add the current year to each posting, e.g. “Best of the Best Business Web Sites—Marketing 2006,” with the intention of encouraging members to review their sites more often. In addition, we might be able to drum up marketing and more excitement for the site with annual announcements.

• Another suggestion was to add RSS links to each subject category so updates will appear more efficiently.

• In addition, we are thinking of putting in a counter on the pages to determine if they are being used at all.

• Adele continues to do periodic link reviews of the sites to make sure all links are stable.


7.  Core Competencies for Business Reference
        a. updates and/or reassignments

            • None
        b. questions/concerns

            • None
        c. new topics for Core?

            • Corey and Penny will create a site for “Hospitality”

            • Van Houlson will create a site for “Mergers & Acquisitions”

            • Celia will create a site for “Retail”

            • In addition, Celia will solicit ideas for new sites from the folks on BRASS-L.
        d. creation of a "how to/best practice" guide for Core

            • See above


8.  2007 Seattle Business Librarianship 101 preconference
            a. general discussion and updates

• Those committee members that sign up to work on the preconference will get to attend for free.

• The section on licensing & marketing will no longer be included. Feedback from previous offerings indicated that more time should be spent on the Reference and Collection Development portions of the preconference. 

• The section on business reference sources will be taught by Mark Andersen of the Chicago Public Library (Irwin Faye has retired from CPL).

      • The section on collection development will be taught by BobRay Bordelon.

• More web based resources will be covered. Folks who attended this preconference in the past requested more web resources as well as more opportunities for a hands-on approach.

• The program will be located in the Seattle convention center. It will be easier for attendees to find lunch quickly.

•There was some discussion about obtaining product placement/ vendor links.  Vendors might be interested in providing trials for the databases so that they can be demonstrated to the group.


b. preconference working group break out after Adjournment of
            Ed. meeting (Celia, Van, and Kevin (via phone) and any other interested [Penny])

      •See Working Group notes below.


9.  Old Business
        a. promotion ideas from Summer 2005: "Other ideas for promoting
the BB  and CC websites were discussed-through local and regional
library  groups, BRASS membership committee"

            • We discussed a series of marketing ideas to create more interest in these sites.            The ideas included:

            • reaching out to other journals such as LIS Careers and InfoTrends

            • contacting library schools, job centers, career counselors, small business         outreach groups associated with public libraries, non-library sources.

• sending out e-mail messages to appropriate subject faculty in our own institutions.

10.  New Business/Any other business?

• None
11.  Adjournment & Break out of preconference working group


The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.


Notes from Business Librarianship 101 Preconference Planning Working Group


Attending: Kevin Harwell (via cell phone, yay!), Van Houlson, Celia Ross, Penny Scott


  1. We called Kevin, and got to work. Penny took notes.
  2. The members of the preconference planning committee are: Kevin Harwell, Van Houlson, Celia Ross and Penny Scott.
  3. Preconference agenda:
    1. Mark Anderson (Reference) and Bobray Bordelon (Collection Development) will speak, and the two of them met on June 25 to coordinate their presentations. Celia plans to follow up with Mark with any questions he has.
    2. Emcee will be Kevin Harwell, Celia Ross will introduce the day, Ryan Womack (if he agrees) will give opening remarks.
    3. Lunch: We’d like to have discussion/interest groups. Several ideas for how to facilitate this came up:

                                                              i.      Have a section on the registration form asking for information on folks’ interests so that we can match them up

                                                            ii.      We will have BRASS members take groups to lunch, these would be called “amBRASSadors!” J

                                                          iii.      We’ll get a local person to give us a list of restaurants near where the preconference will be held, so that we can distribute the list to attendees—Van and Kevin were going to check with local contacts.

                                                          iv.      We’ll contact restaurants in advance to let them know that groups may be coming in that day.

                                                            v.      Celia will ask Eileen Hardy for details on where preconference will be held.

     4.  Timeline/Forms to fill out/Details on time and location:

    1. We need to set deadlines for the tasks involved in organizing the preconference.

                                                              i.      We need to find out if there is a date already set by the publications committee (or whoever deals with printing preconference materials) for getting our handouts to them

                                                            ii.      We need to create a blurb on the preconference for publicizing, and must create bios for Mark and Bobray and set deadlines for them on turning in material.

                                                          iii.      We need to confirm whether there is a S & P subsidy for our preconference, and how much it is. And what we want to do with it! If it is $6000.00, we are thinking of using some of it to subsidize registration fees for BRASS/RUSA members, and also to offer refreshments during the event if possible.

  1. Need to look into how to set up food if we have $ available.
  1.  Marketing Ideas:
    1. Seattle-area listservs—can be used closer to Midwinter
    2. Other listservs: BUSLIB-L, SLA-BF, BRASS-L, NEWLIB-L, NMRT-L, CALIX, other area listservs.—We will try to send out something soon to BUSLIB-L and other large listservs so that people planning ahead for Midwinter can schedule in the extra day.
  2. Other thoughts:
    1. Discounts for registration: RUSA/BRASS members, and offer the option to join RUSA/BRASS at the time of registration to receive the discount.
    2. Also considering a student/unemployed discount.
  3. Adjournment