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BRASS Education Commitee Meeting (Minutes) ALA Annual Conference 2005 - Chicago, IL

BRASS Education Committee

ALA Annual Conference—Chicago, IL

Palmer House, LaSalle 4

Sunday, June 26th, 2005



Committee members present:  Ann Fiegen, Cal State San Marcos, chair, Adele Barsh, Carnegie Mellon, Beth Paskoff, Louisiana State U, Celia Ross, DePaul U., recording, Corey Tucker, UNLV, Qi (Kerry) Wu, U of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign, Elisabeth Leonard, UCSD, Steven Cramer, U of North Carolina/Greensboro, Susan Neumann--ex officio

Guests: Irene Weiner – incoming member, Curley C. Jones – Univ. of Utah, Irwin Faye

Absenses: Paul Arrigo -- excused

Appointed virtua: Doug Highsmith, Lee Pike, Kevin Harwell-virtual for annual meetings


  1. Call to order
  2. Introductions
  3. Agenda approved with no changes/additions
  4. Midwinter 2005 minutes approved with no changes/additions
  5. Announcements
    1. Preconference Report

                                  i.        Ann reported that Business Librarianship 101 has surpassed its original capacity and estimated that 101 people were present, including approximately 93 attendees, about half from public libraries and half from academic with a handful of special libraries as well, wwenty or more indicated they were new librarians.

Thanks from Ann were given to all, especially to speakers Irwin Faye, Becky Albitz, Bobray Bordelon, David Flynn.  Also to RUSA’s Eileen Hardy who assisted all day and to the Palmer House staff who made the day move seamlessly.  The next Business Librarianship 101 pre-conference is tentatively considered for Midwinter ’07 in Seattle.  Irwin noted that he wished that he had had time to cover the list of 50 questions/answers that were part of his presentation and that perhaps 2.5 hours would be a better amount of time for his portion of the pre-conference. 

  1. General Web Site discussion
    1. Adele gave an update on the previous Midwinter discussion to crosslink between the Best of the Best sites and Core Competencies.  She noted that all Best and Core pages that navigate away from ALA pages open in new windows now.  This helps prevent visitors from navigating away from our pages. Adele added a link check which she plans to run periodically and then send updates to those responsible for the particular pages affected.  This will serve as a nice reminder for everyone to continue to monitor and maintain their respective sites on a more timely basis. Adele noted and the group concurred that URL’s on the ALA site are too long.  This is a known issue as far as we understand and the committee hopes that it is being addressed by the web company in charge of the ALA site design, it was also noted that there has been an improvement from a few years ago. The group expressed thanks to Adele for her work on this and also to Karen Chapman for her diligent work on behalf of the committee.
    2. Accounting and Taxation Core Competencies from Ann is officially up on the site. 
    3. The group agreed that the new logos look great and thanked Steve for his work on getting those implemented.  It was noted that the Best of the Best logo gets washed out when projected on a large screen due to its yellow text.  It shows up fine on a monitor, but Steve will check with Karen to see if it would be something easy to rectify.
  2. Core Competencies for Business Reference &
  3. Best of the Best Business Web Sites (combined 7 & 8 agenda items in minutes)
    1. Celia mentioned that it would be great to have some sort of template for making changes or additions to the CC or to the BB sites.  This would help streamline the updating process and make section maintenance more manageable.  Adele offered to draft a template and will plan to send it out with a forthcoming dead link report.
    2. Ann mentioned that she received an e-mail noting that there was no section covering M&A deals on the BB or CC sites and offering to assist. Celia offered to follow up with this person and will get the contact info from Ann.
    3.  Known web pages that will need new maintainers are Accounting & Taxation CC, Knowledge management BB, Banking BB and CC. Celia will look at what’s open across both of BB and CC and contact incoming 06-07 committee members for takers.
  4. Old Business
    1. Publicity Task Force report:

                                  i.         Corey reported on the status of the group’s midwinter discussion of publishing some of the CC or BB sections as articles (publicity task force).  He took the idea to the RUSA Publications Committee who loved the idea.  Some issues that could result in delay of publication though, include a change of editor for RUSQ, and no available space for the upcoming year.  Publications Committee suggested as an alternative to consider publishing an occasional paper.  Discussion raised that an Occasional Paper could be in print faster, and could be used as a supplementary reading for library school students. One disadvantage is that it would go out of print sooner.  A question arose whether ALA could reprint or sell the rights to another publisher.

                                 ii.        Other ideas for publishing some of the CC or BB sections as articles included possibly a sidebar in Library Journal in their Best of Business Reference titles issue or as a sidebar in RUSQ.

                                iii.        Agreed that original creators of the BB and CC sites would be contacted for possible co-authorship or “first refusal”, and that they would receive proper credit for original creation.

                               iv.        We all agreed that the main purpose of publishing these articles would be to promote the BRASS BB and CC websites.

                                v.        Celia passed around print copies of a draft bibliography she pulled together of monographs and articles that touch upon business which could be considered similar to what the Education Committee is trying to develop with their articles.

                               vi.        Ann summarized the discussion that the Committee’s first desire would still be a series of articles in RUSQ; that because of feedback from Publications Committee and that he delay could be over two years she would bring a proposal for a RUSA occasional paper to Exec and Celia noted that the Education Committee would continue to explore other outlets with an aim towards having something definitively decided upon and possibly underway before Midwinter ’06.

  1. Other ideas for promoting the BB and CC websites were discussed—through local and regional library groups, BRASS membership committee

10. New Business

  1. Web course:  Business 101

                                  i.        The Professional Development committee is looking to develop web-based courses to reach out to remote ALA and non-ALA users. 

  1. This is an idea that naturally meshes with BRASS Education and an email requesting proposals for a class like this was sent out by the Prof. Dev. Committee to members of the Pre-conference Task force and the Education committee.  Celia has submitted a proposal which will be reviewed by the Professional Development committee.  However, it was restated that this web-based course idea is independent of a BRASS Education committee responsibility, just a possible opportunity for anyone interested in submitting a proposal and developing a class.
  2. RUSA Web Policy guidelines

                                  i.        The committee reviewed a proposal from a RUSA task force on web policies sent out before the conference and provided some feedback on the proposal.  Committee member Paul Arrigo supplied feedback via email to Ann prior to the meeting which was forward to the BRASS Chair.  The proposal was reviewed by RUSA Board of Directors at their meetings. Concern expressed that languages such as “Reasonable effort will be made to…” instead of “RUSA will…”  Other suggestions to improve the BRASS web site from Steve were that the BRASS site should directly link to a list of all of the BRASS committees which the top level page currently does not do.

  1. Ann said that she would bring specific feedback from BRASS Education on the web guidelines to Exec. Corey said that he would pass along what suggestions he could to BRASS Publications Committee.

11. Adjournment

  1. Before adjourning the meeting, Ann said her goodbyes and thank-you’s to the committee and we all wished her well and thanked her for her work as Chair.  Incoming new Chair will be Celia Ross.
  2. Meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:45pm



Respectfully submitted,

Celia Ross