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BRASS Education Commitee Meeting (Minutes) ALA Midwinter 2005 - Boston, Mass.

BRASS Education Committee

ALA Midwinter Conference – Boston, Mass.

Fairmont ---  State Suites A

Sunday 2—4
Jan. 16, 2005


Present: Adele Barsh, Steve Cramer (recording), Kevin Harwell, Linda Heichman, Elisabeth Leonard, Celia Ross, Corey Tucker, Ann Fiegen (Chair), Susan Neuman (ex-officio)

Appointed virtual members: Doug Highsmith, Lee Pike

Absent: Paul Arrigo, Beth Paskoff (excused), Kerry Wu (excused),

Guests: Mark Andersen , Irene Weiner


1. Call to order

2. Welcome and introductions

3. Two items to new business

4. The minutes from Summer 2004 were approved with one change, update Irwin to “retired”

5.  Announcements


6. General Website Discussion

a. Cross linking and web design.

Discussion:  Report from Adele on intros to Core Competencies (CC), Best of the Best (BB); Proposed concise versions (handouts from Adele for discussion), to put links first, paragraphs below?  Historic author credits at bottom: keep, maintain, move history down to the bottom here?

Decisions: Keep historic names the same at bottom of BB homepage.  Maintain lists of past authors on individual pages. "reviewed and revised" is the phrase we'll use rather than updated reflecting the sometimes considerable research while updating.  Approved modified text from Adele's proposal; will continue to work on edits ere Summer.  Move links to subject pages on top for greater usability.


6b. Logos:  Steve submitted suggestions for new logos.  Committee agreed to make changes. Discussion of options.

--BB: gold cup: work on vacations

--CC: new idea: brass key? Use "key" in name? Will re-vote virtually -- Steve will make a key icon draft * REPORT TO BRASS EXEC (KEY IDEA) (**follow up to minutes:  BRASS Exec. approves use of key as an option, work with Karen Chapman on design compatibility with other logos.)


7. Core Competency update

Handout from Ann on assignments reflecting latest activities on pages. Adele (General Editor) will send out broken link notes to individuals as needed. Kevin takes American Corporations and Knowledge Management.  Celia, Ann, Elisabeth rotating off after Summer 2005: think about what pages continuing members want to take on.


Agenda item for Tax and Accounting Core discussed virtually.  Ann submitted final copy to Committee electronically.  Received and made small editorial changes. Whole committee will vote to accept virtually after midwinter.


8. BB update: okay


9. Preconf info update

Ann reported on pre-conference activities.  Speakers will be Irwin Faye (Reference), Becky Albitz (electronic licensing), Bobray Bordelon (Coll. Dev.), David Flynn (Outreach).  Celia on publicity for local area, will notify SLA ILL of co-sponsorship, --if more ideas for promotion, let Celia know.

10. New Biz


a. Irene brought a suggestion to the Committee for a pre-conference topic.  She sees a need for business content information, what people learn in business courses or MBA programs. How could BRASS supply that need? 

Discussion: Topical series? Also other related programs (ex. Masters of Public Admin). "Why do they need this info"; not just MBA students, but also business patrons and entrepreneurs.  Do a Friday afternoon event instead/alternative to full-day event, could result in lower costs.

Action: We will think about this before annual 2005.  Business Librarianship 101 is tentatively planned next for Seattle Midwinter ’07 so this is good time to be thinking about future programming.  Ann will send committee due dates for upcoming preconference planning.


b. How can we better promote our web sites?

RUSA Quarterly articles (highlight the Core's; expand selected ones into full articles.).  If not RUSQ then Haworth journals.  Celia will plug in upcoming Choice essay.  Promote in local/regional library groups.  Get linked/featured in Library-related web sites/blog.  Library Journals

Action:  Celia, Kevin, Elisabeth, Corey will pursue * NEW SUBCOMMITTEE (Corey is on BRASS Publications) (Need to talk to RUSA Publications)


11. Adjourned.



FYI: BRASS Education Charge:


To study and review the educational needs of business reference librarians and other librarians involved in providing business reference services; to explore and encourage the development of curriculum and continuing education programs in the area; and to promote communication between the profession and library educators.