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BRASS Education Commitee Meeting (Minutes) Midwinter 2004 - San Diego, CA

BRASS Education Committee Draft Minutes

ALA Midwinter – San Diego

January 11, 2004, Radisson Harbor View, Skyline II, 2pm


Committee members present: 

Ann Fiegen, Cal State San Marcos

Adele Barsh, Carnegie Mellon, recording

Steven Cramer, U of North Carolina/Greensboro

Elisabeth Leonard, Wake Forest

Celia Ross, DePaul

Qi Wu, U of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign

Jennifer Boettcher (ex-officio), Georgetown


Committee members absent:

Paul Arrigo, Penn State/Shenango

Glenn McGuigan, Penn State/Harrisburg

Beth Paskoff, Louisiana State U

Douglas Highsmith, Cal State Hayward (virtual member)

Lee Pike, U of Alabama (virtual member)



Theo Haynes, Rutgers

Kevin Harwell, Penn State/University Park


  1. Call to order
  2. Welcome, introductions
    Printout of up-to-date committee roster was distributed.
  3. Approval of past meeting minutes
    Minutes of June 22 meeting in Toronto approved as distributed.
  4. Additions to and approval of agenda
    Item from Jennifer Boettcher (handled with announcements); referral from BRASS Exec (handled with New Business)
    1. Announcements
      1. Re: Boettcher – RUSA Professional Development may disband; discussion ensued about how Professional Development pertains to mission of BRASS Education Committee. After discussion, the following statement was moved and seconded:

        The BRASS Education Committee supports a formal and continued connection to the RUSA Professional Development Committee in order to facilitate the professional development work of our committee.

      2. Reminder about BRASS dinner at Fishmarket restaurant set for Monday evening.


  1. Assigned maintenance of individual Core Competencies pages. Below is a listing of the continuing and newly assigned responsibilities:

                Advertising & Marketing – Paul Arrigo
                Banking – Qi (Kerry) Wu
                Company & Industry Research – Elisabeth Leonard
                Insurance – Steven Cramer
                International Business – Adele Barsh
                Investment & Finance – Celia Ross
                Jobs & Human Resources – Glenn McGuigan
                Small Business – Doug Highsmith
                Taxation & Accounting – Ann Fiegen & Celia Ross

    Steven ended editorial review of new pages in June; Adele now does editorial review.

  2. Assigned maintenance of individual Best of the Best Business Web Sites pages
                Accounting & Taxation – Ann Fiegen and Celia Ross
                Advertising & Marketing – Paul Arrigo
                American Corporations – Lee Pike
                Banking – Qi (Kerry) Wu
                Business Ethics – Elisabeth Leonard
                Economics – Elisabeth Leonard
                Electronic Commerce – Doug Highsmith
                Financial Markets & Investments – pending; will be decided

            via email (2 people wanted it, only one at current meeting)
            General Management – Paul Arrigo
            Human Resource Management & Labor Relations – Glenn McGuigan
            Insurance – Steven Cramer
            International Business – Glenn McGuigan
            MIS & Knowledge Management – Ann Fiegen
            Real Estate – Steven Cramer
            Small Business – Doug Highsmith

It was noted that the two issues of Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship (2002, vol. 8, issues 2 and 3/4) that contain the “Core Business Web” articles are good places to check to make sure the Best of the Best and Core Competencies are covering key resources.

Maintainers of the Best of the Best pages should check them at least quarterly; maintainers for the Core Competencies pages should check them at least twice per year.

Ann passed around an example a feedback report to her by one of the current maintainers, which documented when the page was checked and the changes that were made. If any caretaker would like a copy ask Ann, and she will email (afiegen@csusm.edu).

  1. New Business
    1. New initiatives for Brass Education Committee
      Regarding Core Competencies and Best of the Best pages, the goal is “more robust linking”: every caretaker  will work on links at the top of the page and ways to cross link between related Core Competencies and Best of the Best pages.  Ann will forward recommendation to Karen Chapman BRASS webmaster. Effort will go into publicizing the pages more and better. We can spend $50 on promotion out of a committee budget. BRASS Notes online could be one vehicle, as well as having liaison to the discussion lists for BUSLIB-L and SLA’s Business & Finance Division.
    2. Discussion about reviewing the charge of the BRASS Education Committee, and the replies to Lee Pike regarding the suggestions gathered from the BRASS-L survey that was a call for ideas about the future direction of the committee. Ideas that were generated as ones to investigate further:


                                                              i.      addressing “training the trainers” needs of business specialists;

                                                            ii.      online training -- (seek grants, form sub-committee);

                                                          iii.      professional activities of regional interest (for example, disseminate information about regional groups, more actively form programs for those venues); consider developing a web page that is a clearinghouse of these groups, and add it as a bullet with the Core Competencies and Best of the Best sites (Boettcher will start work on the page)

                                                          iv.      work on ideas to attract and welcome new members to BRASS

  1. Discussion of BRASS Executive Committee referral – It was agreed that the Education Committee take on the planning and implementation of the Business Librarianship 101.  [After BRASS Exec. It was recommended to schedule the next workshop for Chicago Annual 2005.  Sub-committee was formed for the 2005 Workshop of Fiegen, Barsh, Ross; Boettcher offered to speak at the workshop, if needed.  Ideas generally were to invite speakers to post powerpoints, etc., that up to 4 panelists would be good, and to focus on an audience of generalists getting business questions at the desk.